Dandelion II

Down in the family garden a roaring yellow flower lives in the borders next to the hyacinths, roses, and tulips Don’t think this is your standard “Weed” each one of these has their own shape and colour liked when the mane disappears and the seed heads transform into something more light and fluffy on theContinue reading “Dandelion II”

Butterfly in the Garden

Bringing a flash of colour from the movement of its wings the sight of them landing on the greens oh what joy it brings like windows of brightness they appear on the green having grown from caterpillars mostly unseen with wings translucent it passes by it brings to the watcher a smile who watches asContinue reading “Butterfly in the Garden”

Final Whistle

#fowc #referee #sport #football #rules #ball It’s a funny old game is Football You walk for miles down roads and up stairs to get to those golden ticketed chairs – then as players take to the field you wait for the referee to yield – the man in the middle – you await his callContinue reading “Final Whistle”


A piece written for National Poetry Month on Allpoetry.com Sharing it here so, if you like it you can comment! Hexagonal in form – overall storage space fornectar collected by the beeeach space brimming withyellow sweet liquid goldchances areoutside in the summer sun – youmight just see a prospector of this yummy stuffbuzzing around the nearestContinue reading “Honeycomb”

Cees Fun Foto Challenge – Colour of Choice

12th February 2019 12th February 2019 Take your pick…colours of the rainbow await Red, Green, Yellow, Gold and Blue (if you can get it) no need for CD-R pens, the computer has done the marking for you and its much neater than a scribble so instead of you flipping the CD for a title youContinue reading “Cees Fun Foto Challenge – Colour of Choice”