Category: Flowers

  • Cluster


    #Fowc #Cluster Coming to life from beneath the ground leaves hiding a burst of colour until its time for the flowers to say “Hello!” to the bright morning sky. keeping together for their own protection each individual flower adding their own bit of radiant colour to the garden

  • Seasons First

    #WDYS Kitten watched the stalk of green in the courtyard travelling towards the sky tickling his little paws as he engages the plant counting the number of leaves appearing on the stalk

  • Holly


    #christmas #girl #gardening #holly Here’s a girl you see every christmas tide often seen picking the prickly evergreen like her life depended on it later she’ll be putting it carefully around the yearly table decorations – making the candles look pretty

  • Growth


    #fowc #socs #growth Getting up at sunlight reacting to the suns warmth out pop the little seedlings who were sleeping away after taking refreshment in the border – now, there having a wail of a time – reaching for the sunshine

  • Razzle Dazzle

    #CYW #Razzledazzle Relishing the Moment, in the summer sun a flower that catches the visitors eye zipping found the flower – bees and butterflies – all after zesty nectar hidden in and around its petals leaves frame it off well , showing off its pinkish hues everyone likes its colours

  • Heather

    #wwp #heather #octpowrimo Hiding away among the green grasses Colourful stems brighten up the water Small scented buds send fragrance Travelling briskly on a western breeze A Delightful smell greets the nose

  • Cornflower

    #CYW #Cornflower colourful flowers crowded on the corner cared for by the colourful yellow insect collecting copious cups of nectar checking each and every petal to create honey from the cornflowers, back in the hive

  • Pink Carnation

    Pink Carnation

    #CYW #Carnation-Pink Popping up around the spring its the kind of flower that likes a party noted for its use as a buttonhole flower keeping up appearances at family occasions Curves more wiggly than your average rose rows upon rows keep each other standing up, not falling over at the nearest breath of wind. they […]

  • Ballerinas

    Salford 12th September 2019

  • Bluebells

    Another scribble for the coloryourworld month by inky. Artwork by Inky – created in painter from google stock art Birds follow the noise of these colourful flowers Lightly swaying in the spring breeze Under the cover of a spruce they’re spread Enjoying the protection from the passing showers Beautiful colours to please the eye Encompassing […]