Movie Title Challenge SOCS

#Socs #Overtheedge It’s not easy being a marble they may say you’re made of hard stuff but you still have a glass heart and with artistic colours running through you you can be a sensitive soul cobbled together with your mates as each players dobber tries to smash you out of the safety of theContinue reading “Movie Title Challenge SOCS”

Edge of your seat stuff

Tenterhooks Old Trafford, Manchester 3rd December 2017 They’ve been doing this for years Sat in the arena watching the gladiators Facing off against one another Spectators nails chewed to the quick as the clock ticks down to the 90th minute cheering every tackle calling every decision applauding every header and jumping for joy if theirContinue reading “Edge of your seat stuff”


Salford 17th May 2017 Precipice perhaps it wasn’t the greatest idea resting your legs of the edge of the cliff everybody is now yelling at you to come away from where you are sitting in case the floor beneath you happens to come away pulling yourself up and sitting somewhere safer is a great idea,Continue reading “Precipice”

On the Edge

Edge Its a dangerous thing being a postmark – pressed down on envelopes by the postmaster. Your message lost by the recipient … all they are interested in are the contents, and after they have them…you end up in recycling. but day after day you appear on the stamps, hanging by the address of yourContinue reading “On the Edge”