Character Stamps writing

On the Edge



Its a dangerous thing being a postmark –

pressed down on envelopes by the postmaster.

Your message lost by the recipient …

all they are interested in are the contents,

and after they have them…you end up in recycling.

but day after day you appear on the stamps,

hanging by the address of your crest for dear life.

Only to meet certain doom as the envelope

tumbles into the nearest steel bin

every day, you pray for a stamp collector

but enjoy the drop through the letterbox.

A temporary daredevil

do you like living on the edge ?

Art Collecting Poetry Stamps

First Day Covers

I find it truly amazing

fellow artists

send magnificence

delivered from hand to hand

and cascade to the floor

through my door

the recipients ecstatic

at the colourful print

give out a hint –

They want more

And so, without fail

they search out the sale

the latest editions from Royal Mail