Movie Title Challenge SOCS

#Socs #Overtheedge It’s not easy being a marble they may say you’re made of hard stuff but you still have a glass heart and with artistic colours running through you you can be a sensitive soul cobbled together with your mates as each players dobber tries to smash you out of the safety of theContinue reading “Movie Title Challenge SOCS”

Great Manchester Run

Old Trafford, Manchester , 20th May 2018 Stood on the corner at a moments attention looking on as the club i volunteer with engaged in a mighty test of endurance in the northwest sun Heat making everyone sweat as feet hit the tarmac of Manchesters roads rooting them on, the hardy bunch of volunteers readyContinue reading “Great Manchester Run”

Back of a Leaf

J  #C&BW A Simple leaf , on the tarmac and gravel of the car park of #BASIC, the brain and spinal injury centre in Salford. Fallen by the wind, or the passing of time with the coming of autumn, this humble leaf gave me another chance to create something special. Been messing around with theContinue reading “Back of a Leaf”