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MP3 resurrected the radio star

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They say that many a comic

has died a death on stage

back in the days before telly

their acts were all the rage

They’d record their gags in a studio

in front of a selective few

and transmit it across the radio

where the humour seemed fresh and new

They’d still do their thing in the theatre

and have audiences rolling in aisles

but the broadcasts took planning and edits

so they had to wait for a while

Telly another performance

they had their audiences wait

they’d appear after five – most times live

after sports shows were on around eight

thankfully recordings they kept back

and sold on video or CD

but now recordings are better

through digital form – MP3

so sit back and listen to the classics

like these comics had never gone away

laughing at jokes, gags and sketches

performed like they were in the day.

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A scene from Playaway, a programme i watched when i was younger

The setting : A Railway Station News Kiosk

(Enter a pinstriped-suit gentleman with briefcase)

Gentleman : Mirror, Please

(Lady behind the counter hands him an actual mirror)

Gentleman : No, Madam….Do you have a Sun

Lady : He’s at school!

Gentleman : Mail ?

Lady : Of course he his !

Gentleman : No Madam, you misunderstand, Do you have a Mail?!

Lady : Well, there’s me husband….

Gentleman : Guardian?

Lady : The Guard’s over there….

Gentleman : Do you have the times

Lady : They’re up there by the clock – but you can’t abide by them

Gentleman : Express ?

LadyWe’re waiting for it….

Gentleman : (Annoyed) Do you sell any papers at all?

Lady : Oh yes, Mirror, Mail, Guardian, Times, Express, which one would you like ?

Gentleman : Express ?

Lady : we’re waiting for it…

Gentleman: I just want a paper – i’ll take any

Lady : Sorry sir they’re being delivered on the express!!!

Gentleman : BAH!

Lady : we do have the late extra….

Gentleman : I’ll take that, this papers a bit old – this is from two weeks ago…

Lady : I told you it was late – that’ll be a pound please

Gentleman : Hold on a sec – it says 50p

Lady : I told you it was Extra!!!!

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Funny thing is this fame game,

you confidently cross the wooden stage

prepared for the task in front of you

only to be hit by that beam of light

casting a huge shadow at you


Its like the light

is a giant magnet

wiping clean the act

nothing left to do but perform the other routine

along with the fourteen prat-falls as backup

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Salford , 7th June 2017

an Acrostic by Brian F Kirkham


On the whole, the performance was well received

Violets and petunias as well as the obligatory roses were

Advanced with applause toward the stage,

To be received by the soprano.

In time, the critics would sharpen their quills but

On the nights events

Nobody could fault her – the audience kept on cheering

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Salford 17th May 2017


perhaps it wasn’t the greatest idea

resting your legs of the edge of the cliff

everybody is now yelling at you to

come away from where you are sitting

in case the floor beneath you happens to come away

pulling yourself up and sitting somewhere safer

is a great idea, maybe that way people

could enjoy the view and not be

engaged in the story you created

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In response to the prompt

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Stage Fright – it’s a horrible thing.

Although I’ve never been one for Amateur Dramatics,  Whilst I was growing up I took part in one or two productions in either Primary or Secondary School.

Nowadays, I brush it off – an upside of the downside of short-term memory loss.  Any performance I make , if its well received – i’ll remember it more.  If Not, I’ll probably forget about it two or three days later.  That is of course – if I don’t make a complete Howler on stage.

So I Prepare – Music, Verse, Lines the lot…and if it’s part of a play i’ll try to make sure i’m reading my part.

I still remember – having to switch parts in a high school pantomime – “Aladdin” because a fellow pupil wasn’t delivering the punchline the way it was written

It petrified me – but I still received the biggest laugh of the production.

I suppose it was the fact, the four of us playing the palace guards got on so well during rehearsals.

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The Musical Place

The Lowry in Salford - Topic of the poem
The Lowry in Salford – Topic of the poem “The Musical Place”


A poem dedicated to the Millennium Landmark of the Arts – based right in my home city, by the banks of the Manchester ship canal.

There’s a place by Pier Eight,

at the end of the quay –

where people go looking for things to see.

I’m talking of Art from Present and Past,

and Shows and plays with memories that’ll last

And people they come from near and from far

drinking a coffee from the pre-show bar

as thespians make some last pre-show checks

behind the curtain, like some nervous wrecks

And paintings from famous painters they’ll see

like that one known as simply “Lowry”

and curators look on with a smile as they pass

looking at paintings from artist amassed

So, by day people look at the things on display

by night they take in a show or a play

And each night the performers prepare for the boards

behind the stage curtain – in front of the hoards.

And after the show,

for coffee they go ’bout

agreeing that they’ve had

One grand day out