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  • Nineteen Eighty Four

    Nineteen Eighty Four In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “1984.” Orwell got it wrong in that novel of the same name. Why ? I hear the humble reader ask… It’s quite simple – unless its of a medical nature – nothing can be as fearful to a young mind more than your first […]

  • Imaginary Friend – Or Concience ?

    In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Imaginary Friend.” They say you grow out of imaginary friends as you get older. Anybody who’s watched the film “Drop Dead Fred” will probably disagree with you. You see, I had several imaginary friends from time to time – they kept me company when I felt alone […]

  • Looking for Rainbows

    In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Seven Wonders.” “Looking for Rainbows in a Cloudless Sky” A seven word Poem in response to the prompt Here’s another one – with my Memory Workshop coming up this afternoon at BASIC – Creative Knowledge Solution to a Lifelong Condition

  • Achievements

    In order to write this blog, I’ve been trawling through the Archive of stuff that people collect over the years.  Now, depending on your interests this could include comics or CDs , other publications or even photographs…. Ahhh….Photographs.  I can’t say I’ve got true hard copies of these anymore….Since the dawn of Digital Photography and […]

  • Missing You

    Missing I sit here, writing all alone waiting for your exquisite tones Hoping that you will throw me a bone… because i miss you We parted, on good terms but separate ways and as the hours turned into days I wondered why you went away because i miss you Where did you go? Where did […]

  • Fossil


    Caught in a moment by time in a rock To this creature of the deep it must be a shock The old sea snail rests by the sands of the bay stoic and silent with nothing to say It’s given up swimming in the waters of blue nested in th’ rock face with others there […]