What makes me

#Octpowrimo #Whoami A notable thing is character Being ones self Creative experiences that Define who you are Even if its the only thing they’ll know you for A few bumps and scratches along the way Brain ops and chicken pox two little obstacles Cerebral Palsy and “Juvenile arthritis” the other Determination to walk and overcomeContinue reading “What makes me”

A twist on Snakes and ladders

Salford , 30th July 2019 Basic and spinal injury centre, Salford. We’ve all played the board game of snakes and ladders before The idea is you roll the dice, go up the ladders and down the snakes all very straight forward , but has anyone tried playing it the other way round ? Where youContinue reading “A twist on Snakes and ladders”


Salford, Tuesday 15th May Since my last episode with my IV shunt, I’ve become more appreciative of what makes a memory the smell of cooking of an apple pie in the oven the sound of my favourite music 🎶 on the wireless the feel of my iwm fleece, that I wear when volunteering All these thingsContinue reading “Memory”

Random Access Memories

Memorize Memories are a funny thing even if your memory is reletively sound making the memory into something permanent requires an open mind and something to refer to remembering mum and dads birthday might be an easy one,  but if your mind slips, whilst you are Zedding away in the land of nod – itsContinue reading “Random Access Memories”

On the record

Record Old box files a tale of someone’s life diaries , holding memories from long ago photos of holidays from far off places sitting next to journals of journeys gone by memories frozen in a moment time captured in an object the cv…course of life ?…doesn’t come close as you open the lid, and momentsContinue reading “On the record”

Anchored Down

Salford, 13th January 2017 I’m sat in my bedroom – cum – office, pondering another set of scribbles from one of my memory notebooks. Ever lost something…and spent the next few hours getting into a fluster over it ? The key thing I’ve learned is to keep everything in a particular spot Notes go into aContinue reading “Anchored Down”


In response to the daily post prompt Rearrange (Alternative title : one lads quest against the puzzle machine) Salford, 28th October 2016 Ok, rearrange the mixed up puzzle bits… Christmas is coming up so its a definite bet I shall be getting one of these from Santa’s Sack from a well meaning relative in a few weeksContinue reading “Rearrange…”

Back filling the well

Hi Folks – Anybody expecting a post yesterday, I do apologise – I slightly overdid it and ended up taking to my bed earlier than I first thought I would! Note to self – don’t go Marching off to the computer store for an Ipad Cover after an Afternoon Shift at the war Museum…. Anyway,Continue reading “Back filling the well”