Category: Accidents

  • The wrong key

    The wrong key

    #WDYS The rain had stopped when the locksmith arrived two sheepish lovebirds sat outside his latest job they were looking a bit worse for wear sat slightly damp on the garden bench but quite how they’d managed to, mistake car key for house key was anybody’s guess what was certain was he’d be eating well […]

  • steps


    #writephoto Sailing up and down any stairwell – isn’t as easy as you think Tumbling down stairs is easily done – if you don’t look where you’re going Even the shortest of steps can make you fall, so attention needs to be made Position your feet in the right spot – and watch your acceleration […]

  • Mind the Gap

    #Fowc #Gap The warning signs tell you Mind the gap but to some it seems an elaborate trap for all those important seem to step over line the message isn’t for them to them – all is fine but you find yourself making an emergency call as one ignores the gap and one of them […]

  • Toxic

    Toxic The contents on the label should have given you a clue Only a fool would have downed all those pills X-Rays now show them swimming about in a pool of alcohol Its going to take some time for your system to be flushed so fill up that Cup – you’ll need plenty of water

  • Strut

    Strut Looking down the Trafford Road the kid has got some moves walking as he listens to his i pod and the latest grooves   Weaving tween the old un’s he laughs and hums his dunes Strutting like a cockerel as he listens to his tunes   Confidence is Booming he’s got the ladies eye […]

  • Critical

    Critical Could it be , the Really important thing In driving a car, is to pay attention ? Those fancy buttons scattered like smarties round the dashboard – run Instruments to keep your cars insides running Calamity awaits – from the Brakes to the gears, so Always keep those bits in your car happy – […]

  • Clumsy

    Clumsy Salford 26th October, 2016 Reeto, folks…I’ve got a confession to make. people say to me , you’re clumsy…. When I was younger – I used to take this to heart, i’d fall over, trip up, drop stuff and have to replace it – and worst of all – i’d bump into people and things – […]

  • A Cat-astrophe

    A Cat-astrophe

    Plop 6th September 2016 The scene Blackpool promenade – a local fish and chip emporium family of four – Mum,Dad and two boys eating , outside in the summer sun – what else but fish? – haddock and chips the two lads are asked would they like an ice cream they say yes – meanwhile in […]

  • Reflection

    #Napowrimo #Reflection #Blogging101 Through the silvered glass My double appeared in a parallel world   Things looked the same, but different – reversed in this new world   For every beaker, soap and toothbrush duplicated itself intact in this new world   Through fog and steam we worked as a team removing facial hair without […]

  • Mis step

    in response to the prompt  Misstep The daredevil daren’t look down as he looks straight ahead at his journey’s end   For one false step means a leap of faith into certain doom   As below the wire sits a hungry group of leathery crocs – awaiting lunch