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The wrong key


The Wrong Key

The rain had stopped when the locksmith arrived

two sheepish lovebirds sat outside his latest job

they were looking a bit worse for wear

sat slightly damp on the garden bench

but quite how they’d managed to,

mistake car key for house key

was anybody’s guess

what was certain was he’d be eating well tonight

two sets of keys, two locks, and a call out charge

Accidents Acrostic Poetry



Steps : Image for writephoto by Jemima Pett

Sailing up and down any stairwell – isn’t as easy as you think

Tumbling down stairs is easily done – if you don’t look where you’re going

Even the shortest of steps can make you fall, so attention needs to be made

Position your feet in the right spot – and watch your acceleration

Someone might be coming down as you are going up – take care

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Mind the Gap

#Fowc #Gap

Mind the gap - platform sign

The warning signs tell you

Mind the gap

but to some

it seems an elaborate trap

for all those important

seem to step over line

the message isn’t for them

to them – all is fine

but you find yourself making

an emergency call

as one ignores the gap

and one of them falls

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The contents on the label should have given you a clue

Only a fool would have downed all those pills

X-Rays now show them swimming about in a pool of alcohol

Its going to take some time for your system to be flushed so fill up that

Cup – you’ll need plenty of water

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Looking down the Trafford Road

the kid has got some moves

walking as he listens to his i pod

and the latest grooves


Weaving tween the old un’s

he laughs and hums his dunes

Strutting like a cockerel

as he listens to his tunes


Confidence is Booming

he’s got the ladies eye

Only to catch a loose paving stone

and into a signage pole – he’ll fly

Accidents Acrostic Industrial



Could it be , the

Really important thing

In driving a car, is to pay attention ?

Those fancy buttons scattered like smarties round the dashboard – run

Instruments to keep your cars insides running

Calamity awaits – from the Brakes to the gears, so

Always keep those bits in your car happy – to keep it moving – and don’t

Leave your keys in the car – unless you want to contact rescue.

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Salford 26th October, 2016

Reeto, folks…I’ve got a confession to make.

people say to me , you’re clumsy….

When I was younger – I used to take this to heart, i’d fall over, trip up, drop stuff and have to replace it – and worst of all – i’d bump into people and things – a lot.

However – when you’ve got a shunt in your head that’s keeping you going – to treat Hydrocephalus – you tend to accept the stuff you’ve been landed with.  A recent revisit to the neuro ward at Hope Hospital in Salford (Manchester, UK) brought this into sharp focus recently.

And to those who say I’m clumsy – I have the brightest retort – I can live with it quite happily.  I might seem a bit slow, but my minds one of the sharpest in the room.  I’ve played cards with the reaper three (or four?) times now and each time I’ve won (even though, the first occasion – i’m too old to remember it)

If they took the time to think about it – and swapped shoes with me for a day or a week – the detractors would soon think differently.

Focus and concentration and in some cases memory have to be trained after a spell in surgery.

That fine vase that’s in the living room?  you want it moving? i’ll be able to do it – but don’t expect  speedy delivery unless you fancy a jigsaw puzzle…I can give you accuracy, and speed – just not at the same time.

What’s more folks – its getting better – and i’m managing the hazards. Each hurdle has its different challenges, but my volunteer work has seen me doing a number of events – and all unscathed – you’ll be pleased to hear…

and on occasion – i’ll write about it.

Oh and that computer you’re reading this blog on – I can identify the faults on it like a zen master.  Again – If there’s a problem I can fix I’ll do it.  But I’ll also be able to tell the guy on the other bench with the fiddly soldering iron what the problem is too…

So on a day to day basis whether its working at the war museum or athletic stadium – I just take my time – watch my steps – break down the jobs I’ve been given – manage what i’m doing, refer to the aides and help I have – and (last, but certainly not least) look out for those pesky obstacles  – including the cracks in the pavement.

and all with a smile.

Cracks in the pavement

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A Cat-astrophe



6th September 2016

The scene Blackpool promenade – a local fish and chip emporium

family of four – Mum,Dad and two boys eating , outside in the summer sun – what else but fish? – haddock and chips

the two lads are asked would they like an ice cream

they say yes – meanwhile in the distance a seagull is watching from a safe distance

One asks for Strawberry the other Vanilla – and the boys wait patiently for their ice creams to be delivered.

The Fish shops cat appears into the Blackpool sunshine,  purring away in the hope for some scraps of fish. She follows the waitress, from just a few paces away, as the seagull makes its move. The seagull swoops in – and is stopped by the cat – just as the waitress delivers the ice creams

Chaos ensues, as the cat and seagull rumble for goodies under poor waitresses feet. The Ice Creams land off target and an odd plate of leftovers lands on the floor

Cue the owner – avec sweeping brush and an assistant with two more ice creams – on the house – Cut to a Cat with the spoils and the Seagull with the scraps.

dropped ice cream cone
dropped ice cream cone



Accidents Mirror Poetry


#Napowrimo #Reflection #Blogging101

Through the silvered glass

My double appeared

in a parallel world


Things looked the same,

but different – reversed

in this new world


For every beaker, soap and toothbrush

duplicated itself intact

in this new world


Through fog and steam

we worked as a team

removing facial hair

without a care


but alas – poor fate

the broken pact

as someone came through the door

and mirror cracked on the floor

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Mis step

in response to the prompt  Misstep

The daredevil daren’t look down

as he looks straight ahead

at his journey’s end


For one false step

means a leap of faith

into certain doom


As below the wire

sits a hungry group of

leathery crocs – awaiting lunch