Warp and Weft

Yarn Salford, 22nd May 2017 A tale of Northern Mills   From north to south and from east to west crafty threads combine on warp and weft   Coming from the animal from out on the hill and carded and threaded and spun till wheels still   Or straight from the plant coming over theContinue reading “Warp and Weft”


#coloryourworld #cyw #shamrock Salford 23rd February 2017   Lucky 🍀 Irish green You spread good fortune 🔮 To all who find you Is it fortune or chance That besets your finder Only time will tell As they scour the fields On search for your four leaves In time for the football match

Darn that table!

Uneven The kitchen fairy has been at it again pinching a footpad or two from the kitchen table you notice their action as little veg strive to become escape-peas The family pooch is drooling as table slips and slides and silver surfaced platters around the table ride Turkey ready for serving in oven it awaits as peas,Continue reading “Darn that table!”

The Fisherman’s Lament

17th December 2016 a poem for the daily post prompt Fishing The fisher sits on his seat of green, surveying nets he’s sat in between. He’s been sat there, since start of the day, and only caught one – which he let swim away He hoped by letting go of little fish, he’d catch someContinue reading “The Fisherman’s Lament”

Photo Challenge: Narrow

          Narrow Saturday  July 30th, 2016 A Thought: Narrowboat They carried the cargo before the rail up and down the waterways Colourful characters towing the coal that burned in the houses, factories and mills but then with the dawn came the engine of steam much faster than canal – down railContinue reading “Photo Challenge: Narrow”

Summer – Poem II

Salford, Wednesday 27th July (Via Blackpool, Morecambe and Colwyn Bay :)) Summer Parasols parade A pageant of all colours Prepared for picnics Hermit crabs scuttle Across the sandy shore Safety in numbers Candy floss floating on long wooden carry sticks windmills turn in breeze And tiny fish await A delightful day dish Dipping down below