Salford, 10th December 2019 #Denim #CYW Definitely the toughest of blues Everyone has a pair of these hardwearing trousers Noticeable by the Metallic buttons and press studs holding the pockets in place It’s not surprising these workers trousers have become a fashion piece Maybe its because they last longer than their tailor cut cousins

Return of the Christmas jumper

Salford, 16th December 2018 in response to another Christmas jumper blog page It’s that week again, They’ve lit the third advent candle 🕯 in church ⛪ this morning so I thought tonight would be a good time to get it out of its hiding space We don’t need a Christmas tree when I’m wearingContinue reading “Return of the Christmas jumper”

Outer Layers

Outer Layers Salford 19th August 2017 They say clothes make the man / woman well, whoever wrote that obviously lives somewhere nearer to the equator than i do. They’ve also never experienced the phenomenon that is Horizontal Rain. If its sunbathing weather – then obviously i’ll be in shirt sleeves and a pair of shortsContinue reading “Outer Layers”


Tailor To many, a master of his craft a marvel with the scissors, needle and thread in a few hours, a suit of stature can be lovingly crafted to the clients design or measurements can be taken so shirt, jacket, tie and trousers can be rounded up off various pegs for the clients special day