Category: Waterside

  • Boats

    #writephoto #boats Back in dock, after their adventure on the coastal water, now anchored as the crew offloads the cargo taking a moment of rest before sailing out to find another catch

  • Sanctuary

    #writephoto It’s not a million miles away If you tried, you could make it across by foot, but Immersion into icy depths of water Isn’t really advised – particularly in a cold snap It’s where the wild birds go to escape the gamekeepers In the middle you’ll find an established willow tree, and If you […]

  • Dragonboat


    #napowrimo #chinesenewyear They landed while everyone slept Now floating majestically on The banks of the canal Awoken by the sound Of a mighty drum Cutting swiftly through water In a race to the finish Oars moving as one As dragons race head to head For the glory of the win And water makes waves As […]

  • Red Canoe

    Red Canoe Enters The bay of the Canal side ready for paddles Red Canoe Enters Cutting through watery depths Creating White Waves Red Canoe Enters Gliding past the floating buoys in shades of orange

  • serene

    Serene Picture of Salford Quays, during one of its sunsets taken with my Sony Xperia phone all is calm on the waters surface the fish are sleeping soundly below and the geese have headed for bed till breakfast all is quiet, all is calm what you’d call serene

  • Another Winters Morning

    Fishing As the mercury begins its annual retreat the angler keeps a watch the winter water, dark and cold as silvery sources flicker   Hot air turning to almost fog as chair it rests on sawn up logs and line it sits, still, with great aplomb as angler watches for a flicker   The float […]

  • Things with the Letter D

    #CFFC in response to cees photography challenge To start with, here’s a night time shot of the Holiday inn express on Salford’s Quayside, taken at Dusk by one of the Docks or as the people call them now basins 🙂 You could call this a 3D shot – as it was Dark as well ! The canal is […]

  • Waiting

    Waiting Canada Geese by Welland Lock, Salford Quays waiting for the warden to arrive eyes fixed on a patch of green and a whole load of swans jumping the dinner queue Signals are clear dinner wont be long now their feathered friends are moving….quickly

  • Emulating the greats

    Homage Salford , 30th August 2017 Sat by the great stretch of Ontario, Aware of the place i was in Lowry’s backyard, I Found myself a bench facing Out onto this great stretch of Royal waterway, in sight of Rileys Flat and began to Draw a scene in simple pencil – one the great man […]

  • Bridge


    Salford, 5th July 2017 in response to the photo challenge Bridge   It can be happily said that where i live, in Salford, you’re no more than five minutes away from a bridge of some sort. The mass of water you see above is the Manchester Ship Canal , which flows towards the river mersey, […]