Canalside Fishing Water Waterside

Another Winters Morning


As the mercury begins its annual retreat

the angler keeps a watch

the winter water, dark and cold

as silvery sources flicker


Hot air turning to almost fog

as chair it rests on sawn up logs

and line it sits, still, with great aplomb

as angler watches for a flicker


The float bobs away

in the ice cold soup

slight winds make it bob and loop

but not yet beyond its line it stoops


Ripples in water – give something away

as down in the depths – something does play

so sat angler waits – and beef tea he does pour

whilst listening to sports news on Radio four


But then there’s some action – could that be a Pike ?

the float swings round wildly – It’s the chain off a bike

and bubbles arising ? – the laughter of the fish

who’ve stopping being put on the wall or a dish

Acrostic Cooking Fishing Food



#Coloryourworld #cyw #salmon

Served up from the Scottish waters

A fish that goes well in any pastry, pate or salad

Line caught or farmed, – they say the best

Meaty fish is that caught wild

Of course, its best served up

Notably, fresh – and served up pink, cooked with butter, herbs and lemon

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artwork by inkdrop using painter essentials 5


#coloryourworld #blue # Pacificblue

Plenty of space down here to move

around the sunken sailing ships

collected on the sea floor.   Fishing boats, go

in search of different treasure, shoals of

fresh fish 🐟 swimming about

in the shipwrecks and coves of the ocean whilst

crabs and lobsters try to avoid fishermens traps

Fishing Poetry Tradition Water Waterside

The Fisherman’s Lament

17th December 2016

a poem for the daily post prompt Fishing

The fisher sits on his seat of green,
surveying nets he’s sat in between.
He’s been sat there, since start of the day,
and only caught one – which he let swim away

He hoped by letting go of little fish,
he’d catch some bigger ones to put in his dish.
And as he waited – it came dimmer in th’light
as wispy grey clouds gathered in tight

He cast out two lines, wi hooks brimming wi bait,
casting them out with his arm out straight.
As he looked up to heaven, and awaited fate
all he could do was to sit down, and wait

This Ancient ritual, of releasing the fish,
hadn’t so far caught summat for th’dish
Another cup of tea he pours
Listening to stories on Radio 4,

But, Alas what is this, he hears to the east
above the sound of the Canada Geese?
It’s the sound of laughter, that’s a raisin’
of the big fish, safe, in another basin.

Acrostic Animals Fishing Food Poetry

Flowing waters


Flowing waters are an

Ideal place for a

Salmon, or Trout to call

Home sweet home


Forever they’ve resided

In the same spot

So they can raise their young



Flowing waters

in synchronicity with

silvery sea creatures they

Have called Home



Fishing Poetry

The Angler’s Lament


Salford, Tuesday 26th July 2016

The Angler’s Lament

By Brian F Kirkham

In response to the prompt

Sitting on his unfolded seat of Green

The Angler surveys the nets he’s between

With his hook he’s gone to and fro

but for his labour – not a lot his nets show


He casts out new lines – brimming with bait

(making sure his arm is straight)

and looks at luncheon as he waits

Another cup of tea he’ll pour – listening to tales on Radio 4


But what’s this , a noise ? Not far away

a familiar noise – the fish are at play

for by next door – in another basin

are those fish underwater – who’s laughter is raisin’


Acrostic Fishing Poetry Weather



Falling down onto the water
Over the water it lies
Grave times ahead for Ferrymen

For when the fallen clouds
over brave fishermen lie
Great dangers can be seen

Fish sleep soundly on the
Ocean Floor – as boats are
Guided slowly through the Pea Soup

Acrostic Fishing Food Poetry

Fish – Acrostics

Freshly caught in the deep icy seas

In the Arctic

Sailing toward the nearest Fish shop and Fries



For every kid in school

is waiting for the Friday and

servings of fish fingers, chips and tomato sauce

(home made of course!)


For every free fish

is the unlucky plaice or sole

soon to be served in posh restaurants with

hollandaise sauce.


Flotsam and Jetsam – caught

in a passing net,

Seared in a pan and served up as the

House special


For each fish caught

is waiting a portion of chipped potato

served up with salt, vinegar, and mushy peas

Horseradish, anyone ?

Animals Cooking Fishing Food

Off the Hook

An acrostic poem on fish – from my notebooks – enjoy

Fish fly up the stream

In expectation that they

Should spawn their offspring


Freely Swimming in the water blue

Is a small nipper fish with its

Seventy-Seven brothers and Sisters

Hoping to avoid the small child’s net

For every free fish in the water,

Is the unlucky sole

Served in coastal restaurants in

Home made breadcrumbs, and tartar sauce

Flotsam and jetsam, caught

In a passing net

Seared in a pan, and dished up as the

House special