Category: Humour

  • The Clattering of Blinds

    #Writeclub #Blinds with a nod to Georgia @ Writeclub! They keep the sharp light out It’s why they were installed and send a message to all outside you’re not available to call But there are some nosey parkers who use these things for fun as you hear turn of the gears letting in the peek […]

  • Trip

    #Socs #Trip I He’s escaping life for fourteen days packing his pannier for sun and sand short cut shirts , shorts, and sporting trainers sun protection a must – as well as the wide brimmed hat something formal for the evening meal II Speeding across the sand at speed like Hasselhoff in his beach shorts […]

  • MP3 resurrected the radio star

    #radio #comic #video #MP3 They say that many a comic has died a death on stage back in the days before telly their acts were all the rage They’d record their gags in a studio in front of a selective few and transmit it across the radio where the humour seemed fresh and new They’d […]

  • A Kind of Window….

    A Kind of Window….

    #writephoto The room you had booked on the internet could be called a room with a view palatial, with sights of the gardens your own balcony with views of the river it could almost be paradise but for one little thing mornings could be a little fresh for in your palatial apartment they’d forgot to […]

  • Rabbit


    #writephoto Who’s that hiding in the garden ? blink and you’ll miss him hopping around the garden at night he’s waiting for the moon to say its time for that very special day the moment he can stretch his legs and deliver to the kiddies chocolate eggs

  • Red Violet

    Red Violet

    #CYW #RedViolet Sat on the park bench In an effort to enjoy his sandwiches, Charlie brown Reacts with a smile – to the girl who caught his Eye….the girl with the red hair Now – tomorrow – he might go over and talk to her

  • On the farm

    #Poetry #Farm #Animals Another poem from yours truly using the Salt & Pepper Fonts

  • Jack-o-lanterns

    Lights in the window allowing ghosts and ghouls , big or small nice or naughty to join in with Halloween fun even those who float about have a right royal time – with those who are just dressed up not that you would notice!

  • looking up words

    #Socs #Wordnotfound You would think , after years of primary, secondary and even tertiary education There wouldn’t be a time when i’d need to check my spelling Then again – the English language is full of wonderous words – and although the grand academics might not like this , some of them have been happily […]

  • Sunday Morning Short

    Salford, 31st May 2020 #Pictureprompt #Polar #Igloo #Bears (Image from Google) (Tagline and Image Edit by Inky) “Looks like we’re going shopping kids, there’s now’t in the fridge for tea!”