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The Clattering of Blinds

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with a nod to Georgia @ Writeclub!

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They keep the sharp light out

It’s why they were installed

and send a message to all outside

you’re not available to call

But there are some nosey parkers

who use these things for fun

as you hear turn of the gears

letting in the peek of the sun

The signs of life are apparent,

from the waste of takeaway Chinese

and backdoors been moving a plenty

deliveries been taken with ease

So while you’re out on the Garden lawn

getting vitamin E from the sun

they’re peering out from the shutters

watching everyone on a run

And you know just as well, they’re in there

from the sound of the rattling of tin

there’s no point in making denials

when they say they were out – they were in!

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#Socs #Trip


He’s escaping life for fourteen days

packing his pannier for sun and sand

short cut shirts , shorts, and sporting trainers

sun protection a must – as well as the wide brimmed hat

something formal for the evening meal


Speeding across the sand at speed

like Hasselhoff in his beach shorts

excited ladies looking past their sunspecs

engaging a view of the sporty type


Pride normally comes before a fall

reactions to our hero hitting the sand – understandable

instead of enjoying haute cuisine

dinner comes courtesy of the local hospital

engaged by an IV Drip

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MP3 resurrected the radio star

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They say that many a comic

has died a death on stage

back in the days before telly

their acts were all the rage

They’d record their gags in a studio

in front of a selective few

and transmit it across the radio

where the humour seemed fresh and new

They’d still do their thing in the theatre

and have audiences rolling in aisles

but the broadcasts took planning and edits

so they had to wait for a while

Telly another performance

they had their audiences wait

they’d appear after five – most times live

after sports shows were on around eight

thankfully recordings they kept back

and sold on video or CD

but now recordings are better

through digital form – MP3

so sit back and listen to the classics

like these comics had never gone away

laughing at jokes, gags and sketches

performed like they were in the day.

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A Kind of Window….


Barnard Castle Balcony

The room you had booked on the internet

could be called a room with a view

palatial, with sights of the gardens

your own balcony

with views of the river

it could almost be paradise

but for one little thing

mornings could be a little fresh

for in your palatial apartment

they’d forgot to put glass in any of the windows

don’t forget to wrap up warm now…..

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Who’s that hiding in the garden ?

blink and you’ll miss him

hopping around the garden at night

he’s waiting for the moon to say

its time for that very special day

the moment he can stretch his legs

and deliver to the kiddies chocolate eggs

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Red Violet

#CYW #RedViolet

Red Violet by Inky

Sat on the park bench

In an effort to enjoy his sandwiches, Charlie brown

Reacts with a smile – to the girl who caught his

Eye….the girl with the red hair

Now – tomorrow – he might go over and talk to her

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On the farm

#Poetry #Farm #Animals

Another poem from yours truly using the Salt & Pepper Fonts

Halloween Holidays Humour


Lights in the window

allowing ghosts and ghouls , big or small

nice or naughty

to join in with Halloween fun

even those who float about have a

right royal time – with those who are just dressed up

not that you would notice!

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looking up words

#Socs #Wordnotfound

You would think , after years of primary, secondary and even tertiary education

There wouldn’t be a time when i’d need to check my spelling

Then again – the English language is full of wonderous words – and although the grand academics might not like this , some of them have been happily poached from our friends and neighbours across the English Channel.

Some have been invented and Some words and terms have been put in there simply because they’re used in common parlance

Howzat then ? because someone’s asked for a thingummy-bob to fix a watchamicallit as part of a job.

Normally Translated – A Spanner or wrench to fix a nut or a bolt, or an allen key to screw together two bits of wood with those magic screws – you know the ones – Hexagonal holes in the head of the screw

and as words keep on being added – the pages of the dictionary get bigger… And don’t think the computer can keep up – for poor old Hex has to have his Lexicon updated (sometimes daily) to keep up.

The true test ? getting listed in the OSW – Official Scrabble Words list – and there’s plenty in those pages!

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Sunday Morning Short

Salford, 31st May 2020

#Pictureprompt #Polar #Igloo #Bears

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(Tagline and Image Edit by Inky)

“Looks like we’re going shopping kids, there’s now’t in the fridge for tea!”