A little something from Father Christmas sr.

It was a few days before Santa Claus was about to do his deliveries And the elves were busy in their workshop When a little elf ran up to the big man and handed him a letter “Dear klaus,” it read… “Nice to see you and yours doing so well in your work, Was wonderingContinue reading “A little something from Father Christmas sr.”


Sting Salford, 17th September 2017 Someone should have Told the sun worshipper to not go near that hive Instead they went on a honey hunt – and met some angry bees Note – they were whisked straight off to First aid – “Got to tell you” – said the nurse – this is going toContinue reading “Sting”

Metrolink Stowaway

Eccles to Manchester, 5th September 2017 Manchester – here is a public announcement Even the local birds Think their dinner is taking a liberty , as it Rides along the tracks without a pass, for now On system lines from Salford to Ashton, and Bury to Altrincham Like old Mancunian cotton weavers, they leave InterestingContinue reading “Metrolink Stowaway”

Message in a bottle – 2

Salford, 21st July 2017 Remember that piece I wrote about the message washed up in a bottle ?  I’ve given it a little thought and wrote what might have been on that rolled up paper!   Sat, as I am on this deserted isle I’m sending this message to make someone smile Being stuck onContinue reading “Message in a bottle – 2”

Darn that table!

Uneven The kitchen fairy has been at it again pinching a footpad or two from the kitchen table you notice their action as little veg strive to become escape-peas The family pooch is drooling as table slips and slides and silver surfaced platters around the table ride Turkey ready for serving in oven it awaits as peas,Continue reading “Darn that table!”