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Banana Split



Served up in a glass bowl

Wonderful fruit combines with frosty ice cream

Everyone smiling as the bananas are

Enveloped by the Ice cold tastes of strawberry and chocolate and cream

Together – as they melt and mingle – they make a heavenly delight

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Fruit salad



The Oranges sliced, sing on the plate…
they’ve been quite lonely as of late
all alone in their bowl of blue
looking quite bright – but with nothing to do

Now with apples, diced they share
bowls that cooks of note prepare
with other fruit from orchards near
and strawberries grown in the fields each year

In places, you may find some peaches or pears
(depending on what chef has prepared)
mixed up lightly so the fruit is served loose,
served up in its own syrup or juice.

Served up from a place that is quite cold,
so they stay fresh and don’t go old.
A lunchtime, brunch, or evening treat
that any child would love to eat.

And served up wi’ th’ fruit to make children’s dream
is a serving of custard, or better – ice cream!
All served up in a coloured round bowl
An empty dish is the little child’s goal.

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Wild Strawberry


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Hiding away in bushes and hedgerows

little red berries await to be found

playing peek-a-boo under the greens

nothing much like their wimbledon cousins

their juicyness comes from being free in the wind

pleasant if you pick them at the perfect time

tasty enough without sugar and cream

sweetness coming direct from the sun

that peeps through their hiding place

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Take a crisp blue sky
and a gentle breeze
and add a little heat
Sand or Sea is optional
but a mat or blanket – essential

Sandwiches – Tomato or Cucumber
(or if you prefer) Ham or Beef
prepare a little salad
to serve on the plate beneath

Lemonades a nice drink you might want to take
or maybe a smoothie or ice-cream milkshake
The Grown-ups take coffee – or water for tea
in a well lined thermos – away from the bees

For afters – some fruit or perhaps a pie
Chocolate’s a favourite – I don’t want to lie!
but a nice way to finish this picnic – a dream
is a small bowl of strawberries – topped off with ice cream.

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I remember…

Walking across wet grass on a summers day

Waiting with anticipation on exam day

Wishing the docs and nurses would stop prodding me with needles

Wanting to talk to that girl in the park with the brown hair

Wading into cool blue waters on a perfect beach

Waddling through water watching the fish swim around my ankles

Walking around towns and villages taking in the waters

Watching the local wildlife wondering about

Wishing these days would never end…

Wondering what excitement awaits tomorrow

Waddling toward the water to dip my toes in a welcoming sea.

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The children almost cried

as the chocolate melted

and their favourite biscuits

almost disappeared

in a cream-cheese fog

But smiles from tears

soon reappeared

as strawberries and peach

soon did reach

the top of the cake

and smiles of joy did break.

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Browsed through my archives on cd looking for circles in response to Daily posts latest photographic challenge.

Here’s what I found 🙂

A strawberry tart set on a white plate
Half an Orange – showing its segments
The Clock is Ticking…

Penny Farthing – taken at Coventry Museum


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Featured image

Strawberries Red, sit in their patch of Green,
trying to hide in the spaces between.
But it is well known, that they will be found,
by the army of pickers in the fields on the ground

With leaves of Green, and fruit deep Red,
They sit there in their warm flowery bed.
Soon heading for jam in the village cream tea
with cream from the cow in th’next field named Daisy

Choosing these fellows  you have to be quick!
Small Strawberries often avoid the pick
Only attracting the butterfly’s eye
as larger strawberries get picked going by.

Some are sent out
to where tennis is played,
and alongside the champers’ the berries are laid.
Out in Green punnets, and eaten by those,
Watching the championship highs and their lows

Or they’re sent off by tractors,
to the farmers shed.
Where the workers make ice-cream,
these berries are led.

“Come find us!”, they laughed,
they were teasing..
but now they reside
in a place that is freezing!

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A Strawberry Vignette

Another silver winner – a tale of a strawberry – enjoy!


I started life,
all green, not red
I was difficult to find
amongst the pansies
mistaken for leaves.
Gardening Folk,
smiled at me.


I grew in the warmth
of a summer sun
My colour changed
a brilliant red.
Signals for gardeners
time for the picking


I was thrown in a basket
and headed for the coast
whilst others saw pans
and ended on toast
or in cases as tartlets
a tasty bake


Resplendent, Rich and Red
taken from my soily bed
washed and dressed, in dairy cream
a treat at wimbledon
a strawberries dream


Whilst others picked on the day
went another confectionery way
they ended up in sugar & cream
too pleasing, but alas
ended up – in a place that is freezing!