Little Ghost II

Ghost Good Gravy!  It’s cold – said the wolf to his chums Home’s where we should be, where its not so glum – So Over to the old haunted house they to go as their Shivering and eerie forms they glow Tonight they’ll meet up with their friend for some tea (and fly around theContinue reading “Little Ghost II”


  Structure  Saturday afternoon tea toasted tea cakes have to be done just so or right royal rumpuses will take place up on the fine China service choice bites of savoury stuff are taken from the porcelain platters unless you’re of a certain age…as raspberry fancies meet a swift but happy end. every wonder servedContinue reading “Structure”

Garden Apple Pie

  A San-San By Brian F Kirkham (Inky)   The branches against the household wall holds fruit that’s ripening for a pie blackberry stems bring fruit with flavour this season that answers to the pastries call over with envy the birds do fly could this be why it cooks with haste ? depriving the featheredContinue reading “Garden Apple Pie”


Salford, 1st June 2017 An acrostic by Inky in response to the prompt Portion Perhaps its time to watch the waistline On the whole, its a terrible shame Rounding on the pounds, in the way that you do Today should be a celebration – Its your Birthday! Of course you can enjoy your birthday teaContinue reading “Portion”

Fudge :)

I. Butter meets pan Sugar melts in butter Both held by cream   II Sweet little cubes settle down in the fridge but don’t set like jelly   III Chocolate, Cherry, Mint Lined up in rows alongside Vanilla Coconut – a favourite   IV cubes of sweetness transported to the tongue heading for hips  


#coloryourworld #cyw #cerise   Chosen for its vibrant pinks each rose, beautifully set against white royal icing red in some ways, more deep pink in others it’s vibrancy happily cheers “Hello!” some might say cherries might have been a better decoration, but everyone agrees – its perfect for a mothers day tea.