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  • Night Games

    Night Games

    #promptuarium #gods #stonehenge The Druids were disturbed on Tuesday morn to find their inner sanctum slightly different to the way they’d left it on Monday Night It seemed that the younger gods liked playing with the columns of stone and so did their Danish cousins They found a structure at woodland elsewhere put together with […]

  • slow down

    slow down

    #writephoto With the petrol heads ignoring the policeman’s signs to take their foot off the accelerator Mother Nature decided to intervene What’s the rush ? she asked by the roadside spreading a bit of colour in the grass by the tarmac The seeds took their time and eventually, after the clouds gave them a drink […]

  • Staying put

    Staying put

    At the top of the hill you would have thought the wind and the rain would have aided the bales into the nearby hedge but bundled as they are the bales are secure in the knowledge that until required they’ll be sticking around for a bit

  • Hole with a view

    Hole with a view

    #whatsinthepicture #photoprompt Golf can be a treacherous game walking out miles from the safety of the cosy clubhouse to the first tee journey rugged to a deceptive beauty ball carefully placed on the tee club measured for the perfect weight of shot but golfer beware for out on the windy cliff you may find your […]

  • The last performance

    #MLMM The projectionist put the film roll on for the final time as the film beamed out onto the wall Impromptu audience – mainly the staff sat in their seats with their drinks and snacks as the feature began Priced out by those pesky supermarkets unable to match ticket for DVD so the developers moved […]

  • Gander

    Guard your picnic lunches as here they come – in packs again necks peering over bags, looking for delicacies they can happily chomp on expect a bit of trouble – as there will be a ruckus tween feathered friends – over the prize

  • Visitor


    #promptuarium #pictureprompt He’d left his spot on the quarterdeck and headed for holodeck five a place where the men of the spacecraft went to loosen up and jive He enjoyed the sound of the old times of Oasis, New Order and Blur and joined up with others of the crew who did of course concur […]

  • Community


    #Writephoto It takes a lot to build a town it’s not just bricks and mortar but all those little things you occasionally take for granted The corner shop The Lollipop Man The local school doing the best they can The Bin Men keeping the local streets clean and the local parks and gardens green while […]

  • In Memorial

    In Memorial

    #paperswans There’s plenty of room in heaven but not so much room on earth the family plots much smaller now the plots more than the worth for while the dead are laid to rest the grave attendants do their best to give the departed a bit of room to lay out a headstone for their […]

  • Spotted


    #writephoto On a walk, down a country lane two old friends meet up again it might seem strange – for feather and fur for a friendship to occur but friends they are to a tee and greet each other happy as can be with a woof and a honk passing on by its their special […]