Octpowrimo – Day 22 – Broken pieces

#Octpowrimo #Brokenpieces Imperial War Museum North, Manchester UK (via the Inkwell), 22nd October 2019 How does someone express the act of war ? take you through a hundred years and tell that tale – that no one else can tell anymore. The man with a vision took a thing for brewing his cuppa and changedContinue reading “Octpowrimo – Day 22 – Broken pieces”

Tale of a tower crane

Originally posted by Inky on Allpoetry.com Now posted for your reading!   Enjoy Do you like building? well, I do! I’m stood amongst my creations, with my great arm, aloft in the air.  It’s a thankless task this job I do, but you’ll never hear me complain – oh, no, no, no.  You see, theContinue reading “Tale of a tower crane”

Over the bridge

Pedestrian Walking on water ? not exactly as they straddle the Locks , Quays and Rivers of my home town never shy of their responsiblity – they get people to their destination from A to B and back again easing a walker’s worry they’ll get wet in the water revolutionary ? in their day necessityContinue reading “Over the bridge”


Salford,30th June 2017 Hi folks. The prompt for today’s post comes from a strange source – in that its not technological at all – it’s the humble letterbox. Aside from my scribbles – and photography – I am a keen philatelist – or stamp collector. There’s a reason for this – the pictures give meContinue reading “Landmarks”


Detonate Salford 29th May 2017 An acrostic for todays daily post from Inky. Dibnah, a man known for knocking down chimneys even as the foundations burned…he watched today, it’s oh so different as charges are laid out in a pattern neat in stacks and co ordinated in a way the building collapses in on itselfContinue reading “Detonate”


Greengate, Salford UK <imgheight=”1″width=”1″style=”display:none”src=”https://www.facebook.com/tr?id=823166884443641&ev=PageView&noscript=1″/> Image C/o Google Images Dense See that stretch of brown land in front of you some town hall boffin has planted a seed watch as the tiny cabins grow aided by steel, concrete and cables services for those who use them ? that’ll come later when the professionals meet and materContinue reading “Dense”

Composition of a painting

Salford, 7th March 2017 The drawing originated from the last family holiday we had in Oludeniz, in Turkey. I took my notepad and pencils with me to do some scribbling when i got bored of taking camera shots with my Samsung web camera. Just by the complex we were staying in were the remains ofContinue reading “Composition of a painting”

Lightshow on the water

; In response to the prompt H2O Whilst the morning brings the odd boat sailing up the canal, and the dredger cleaning the bottom Sailboats traverse around Erie and Ontario – as the Dazzling Snowdrop gives tours The sun shines on the surface creating rainbows where it can as local wildlife teach their youngsters theContinue reading “Lightshow on the water”