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  • Walk down an old street

    The light dawns, seagulls pass overhead bluest sky beckons shoelaces fastened heading off down the path following sunbeams the path never changes but the people passing do walking over stone short distances green awaken sleepy braincells bringing happiness end of the distance heading back, to where it began ascending the stones

  • Retreat


    #fowc #retreat Salford, 24th February 2021 Another Lakeland Reminiscence Retreat – Normally a call for escaping an attack from an enemy….. (but not in this case) for me, it was a week away from the City in the picturesque settings of the Lake District, up by Derwentwater in a place called Keswick. Arranged by the […]

  • the sky is the limit

    #socs #theskyisthelimit The sunshine peeks through the panes of glass and what do you see? feathered friends flying over local rooftops navigating through clouds and fog and resting on terracotta tiles meanwhile you’re sat indoors, held prisoner by a microscopic bug don’t let that stop you though – there’s thousands of places you can go […]

  • Getting Out

    #Travel #Worship #Places Salford 6th December 2020 Woke up at the crack of dawn this morning, to do something i do nearly every Sunday Go to Mass It’s the start of the church year – Advent, but nobody thought about worship when the restrictions (about Covid-19) kicked in I’m now part of the Cathedral Parish […]

  • Motion

    #socs #poetry #motion the waves moved us on destination isle of man behind us north wales sails blown here to there waters waves breaking against the boat while some dived down deck crashing waters hazardous getting wet ? least of worries grateful for lighthouse

  • Boxed

    Written for this week’s Photo Challenge from Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie. Photo credit: Aleksandar Pasaric on They Call it “Modern Living” as they rise up to the sky colourful boxes in formation thirty or fourty miles high You would definately call it colourful You could also call it cosy You could even call it sardine-like as you give […]

  • Vista


    #writephoto #vista View from the top of this very big hill is breathtaking (literally) some say its a bit barmy climbing up all that way to take a picture or admire the view – but at the end of the day – its worth it (even better with a picnic)

  • Central II

    Converging on the controlled area everything’s got to be run from there networks, governance, even your daily shop the locals who live there feed the machine really – they have no choice as every service they rely on is located in the centre of the metropolis

  • Causeway


    #Writephoto #Causeway Created as a path across the water a stretch of sand , gravel or road usually gets wet when the tide comes in or sea or river levels rise especially after really bad storms when that happens – its advisable to take another route – or else you’ll do more than get your […]

  • Castlerigg


    #Napowrimo #Room #Dorm Reflection of a shared room (school retreat) Keswick, 1987 Up in the hills by a mountain stream a place of reflection and retreat the room shared three with a view of the lakes a place to ponder, relax and take breaks colour scheme – calming a sight of some sheep and during […]