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  • Shadows and Reflections

    Shadows and Reflections

    #Napowrimo #Writeclub #Reflections #Shadows with thanks to Mark Marusic @ Writeclub for the prompt. I A sunny day on a bank holiday morn walking through the local green there’s not a cloud in the sky but what’s that dark mass behind you? nothing to fear – its only your shadow II Sat on a park […]

  • The Circles we walk

    The Circles we walk

    #Napowrimo #Writeclub Cheers to Jacqueline @ Writeclub for the prompt! I suppose its the direction of travel guided by the earth itself moving wheels round a orbital road with spokes heading off around to the nearest city, village or town on foot the directions a little bit longer but it makes the traveller a little […]

  • Taking in the view

    #FFFC The walk up the mountain path was a long one with snaking twists and turns past mountain bogs and pot holes and occasional dead ends They’d gone up the mountain for a challenge and to see what was at the top but stopped at a meeting point half way up eating so they wouldn’t […]

  • Sanctuary

    #writephoto It’s not a million miles away If you tried, you could make it across by foot, but Immersion into icy depths of water Isn’t really advised – particularly in a cold snap It’s where the wild birds go to escape the gamekeepers In the middle you’ll find an established willow tree, and If you […]

  • Marble


    #Marble It’s been rolling about In your pocket for a while now Waiting to bump into its chums on the playground floor Travelling at some speed into the collective amassed Some greet him warmly whilst others dart off quickly

  • Brilliant


    #fowc #brilliant bursting colour out into the night sky revellers watching the sight as the bells chime it’s almost time for old father time to switch with his younger brother launching a whole new year light show of exploding sparkle it’s like someone’s brightened up the darkness and people are partying under it as the […]

  • Retreat

    #writephoto #retreat Sometimes, there’s a need to just get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. Find somewhere quiet and out of the way and relax where the air is fresh the grass is green and you’re free – from pressures of life enjoying the peace and the fresh air and maybe […]

  • Off on a Walk

    #Christmas #Dog #Walk Cooped up inside He tried his best to enjoy the festivities Reality is – despite playing with all his toys Indoors isn’t where he wanted to be So, he persuaded his owner To take him for a walk over the Mossy greens of the local park where A host of trees and […]

  • Snowy Peaks

    #writephoto Somewhere up here , there’s a Number of sheep, celebrating the holidays Of course – among the white stuff you’ll only spot em When they move about Yet, at the moment – they’re blending in Shepherds keep an eye on the length of the pastures grass as over time – where the sheep are […]

  • Sunken

    #winter #roads #water With the arrival of winter the tarmac on the road has retreated and replaced by the snow and rain the car drivers loss ? dodging potholes are the sparrows and seagulls gain for as its not as cold as previous ones they’re dropping in from the roofs for a dip before heading […]