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  • Achievement

    #MLMM #Photochallenge Written for the Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge prompt. Photo credit: One Big Photo. He sat atop the conquered stone admiring the view cycling his way to the very top for a moment or two Looking out to heaven and down among the hills where the clouds amassed around his feet sitting there all still Standing […]

  • Retreat

    #WDYS A perfect getaway set in trees and mountains a place to get away from it all take in the mountain air and catch a fish or two then perhaps after you’ve ate you dip your toes in the waters blue

  • Hole with a view

    Hole with a view

    #whatsinthepicture #photoprompt Golf can be a treacherous game walking out miles from the safety of the cosy clubhouse to the first tee journey rugged to a deceptive beauty ball carefully placed on the tee club measured for the perfect weight of shot but golfer beware for out on the windy cliff you may find your […]

  • ideal view

    #MLMM From the top of the tower he had an ideal view of the comings and goings down below Looking down he could see all the cars and the buses making their way through the big city And as they moved through the city big as they were – the people looked like tiny ants […]

  • Emerging


    #Writephoto #Emerging Everybody – keep calm may as it seen – it looks like a giant coming through the wall every forester knows who it is – its Pan! reviving the trees and preparing them for autumn green grasses being pushed up by his fingers it might come as a shock – but hes a […]

  • Gander

    Guard your picnic lunches as here they come – in packs again necks peering over bags, looking for delicacies they can happily chomp on expect a bit of trouble – as there will be a ruckus tween feathered friends – over the prize

  • Falling

    #fowc #falling From a considerable height an acorn and his chums launched themselves off a leafy covered tree in wait, the local wildlife now waiting for the fruits of the tree, aided by gravity

  • Adventures of an inner city moggy

    Adventures of an inner city moggy

    Salford , 12th August 2021 He’s back home again, heading through the gap in the gate – like nothing’s happened Having spent many hours of yesterday evening and this morning Hotfooting around his old haunts and Helping himself to the finer things His city can offer him – you know the stuff Hotel and guesthouse […]

  • Autumnal


    #seasons #colours #change Don’t be fooled by the mercury the leaves on the trees have been yelling it for a while now Autumns on its way the spring blossoms have been carried away by the winds as the colours of the leaves signalled green to red end of the summer fun? mother nature says “Not […]

  • Slope


    The golf pro landed the ball downhill all seemed well that was until aided by the grass or on its own perhaps by wind it was blown down the slope , and into a trap into the sand, in a moments snap the ball was rescued by his sand wedge only to find its self […]