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30th October 2016

A tale by Brian F Kirkham (inkdrop) in response to the Daily post prompt


There was a lad called Gulliver

who’s parents were reliant

related to the Beanstalk Jack

(the one who killed the Giant)

Compared to Jack – He wasn’t that tall

and by the beanstalk he looked quite small

he went exploring off to the sea

as well as looking for summat for tea

His boat was harshly hit to and fro,

and young Gulliver washed up on shore in the snow

“We’ve got you!” said a little man he saw by his side

but he couldn’t rise up – he tried and he tried

His hopes of escape

they were dashed by the small

tied by ropes to the ground

he couldn’t move at all

And so he did sleep – until on one day

his strength did return and the ropes they gave way

But his boat it were broken so he sent Dad a letter

“Will be home soon” he said “When boat it is better”

So soon they were friends – Gulliver and Small

and the Islanders were grateful he really was tall

as Gulliver harvested crops in the day

a yearful’s supply – so the villagers could play.

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A New Dawn (For Francesca) P1

A character piece written in creative writing sessions at the Brain & Spinal Injury Centre at Salford.  Originally appeared on .  If you like what you see, Drop me a line and i’ll post P2

The Brief: I was set a task in my creative writing workshop – write as a member of the opposite sex!!!  This is the result

A New Dawn for Francesca


Brian F Kirkham

The start of a new day always starts with music. In my case it was the sound of the local radio station from an over-enthusiastic alarm clock. My favourite station was playing tracks from the eighties and nineties – at half five in the morning. I retreated, briefly, to the solace of my pillowcase. There are times when I would like to throw the radio out of the nearest window, but not today.

I don’t want to be late today

Sunlight slowly peered through the closed curtains into the maze of small rooms that make up my upstairs flat. A train from the nearby station happily toots as it passes by in the distance. I look ahead from the bedroom and see the carnage in front of me – in the middle of the living space, sits an empty champagne bottle, languishing in a bucket of cold water that was once ice. Several champagne flutes are around the bucket, covered in various shades of lipstick, mostly red or pink. Above my head are balloons with the words “Well Done” and “Congratulations” on them – and they still maintain their helium content. The Floor is scattered with broken nibbles – and the wall is festooned with Polaroid Photographs. Lots of Polaroid Photographs.

Did that really happen?

Yes, it was quite a party last night.

And i’m paying for it now with interest.  Last Nights playlist repeats in my head.

Now I know why my brother’s turned off drinking.

I lightly make my way towards the kitchenette in the right hand corner of the space. I pop two fizzy hangover tablets into some water and down them quickly. It is time for breakfast – buttered toast and egg – and coffee – two cups – espresso. Father always liked coffee in the morning – its truly horrible stuff – but I need something to wake me up, the hangover tablets haven’t kicked in yet.

I can’t fall asleep today.

My first look in a mirror since the night before, and I look quite a sight. The wash bag, make up and hairbrush lying by the side of the sink come to my rescue. I can’t be late today. I reach for the staff uniform that hangs precariously on the top edge of the wardrobe door… A green and blue tartan jacket, pleated tartan skirt, standard white blouse, green and blue neck dress, a bow in the same colours and sensible shoes.

I look at myself in the mirror as I sort my hair out, letting out a lonesome sigh, as I fiddle with the bow. I hate this. Furthermore, I hate Tartan! It’s like being back at School!!!  I can hear the voice of one of the teaching sisters, Sister Michaela as I straighten the bow in my ponytail.  The bow won’t lie straight, was this the girl destined for stardom at St Katherine’s school review?

A sharp intake of breath – and my head clears.  The bow is now straight.

I take another deep breath, and a second look in the mirror, running a finger over my eyebrows…Sister Michaela’s voice echoes in my head.

“You’ve got to remember Francesca – it’s paying for your college tuition…You can’t get those BAFTAs without a little effort!”

I’d made the grade and was now an evening student at drama school.  I’m Ready.

As I pick up the keys from the breakfast table to head for the door, I spot the solitary six sided steel nut just off the centre of it.   There wasn’t anything special about it – It had come off my cycle as I was leaving the car park.  All thanks to me trying to be the next British cycling sensation.  What was that lad’s name again? – That lad who showed me round the building the other day from Accounts?  Was it Martin or Mark?

Something like that…the caffeine hasn’t fully kicked in yet.  He was a junior trainee, just like me – except he’d done six months.  He Introduced me to everyone in the office that day from the security to the big boss, Mr Bridge.  We had lunch together in the canteen, and he’d even helped me fix the wheel on that boneshaker I call a bicycle when I was heading home.   He was a friendly face among the masses to the new kid in the office…and besides – i’m sure I heard from one of the other girls in the break room that he was single.  Something might happen there, we’ll wait and see.

The bright lights of Drury Lane and Covent Garden can hold on for a while.  The Bank lies ahead

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A Blog Award – The Liebster


I’m over the moon to read, that one of my readers has decided to Nominate me for an Award

(gets the Kleenex tissues out – If only i’d written a speech…)

So, without further-a-do – a big Lancastrian “Thank You, Luv!” goes out to Libby Vine for nominating me!  I’m just glad someone out there is reading my humble little scribbles on the world wide web.

  1. What city/town do you currently live in? – Salford, Lancashire, UK – Manchester’s Sister City
  2. What book are you currently reading? – So Many on the shelf – but if I had to pick one – Terry Pratchett’s Final Novel – The shepherds crown
  3. Who is your greatest living hero and why?
  4. How many books do you hope to read this year? – Five
  5. Where would you like to go on vacation? – Greece
  6. Which is your favorite children’s book character? Winnie-the-pooh, because for a bear of very little brain – he isn’t half clever!
  7. Do you read paper books or e-reader? – Both
  8. Where do you like to read? – In my Room or out in the Garden
  9. Please recommend your favorite book you read last year in 2015 – War Horse / Farm Boy – two books, one theme – brilliant work by Michael Morpurgo
  10. Why should readers follow your blog? – to read some of my humble scribbles, they’re like apple pies – one isn’t enough!
10 Questions to be Answered
1. What’s the name of your favourite Cartoon Character ?
2. How do you read your books mostly ?
3. What’s your Favourite Film Adaptation?
4. What Book did you read Last – and where did you read it ?
5. I listen to Audiobooks – Do You ? If so – Mention your Favourite
6. Hardback , Paperback, E-Reader, Web – What’s your Choice
7. Three things you always take on holiday – Name them
8. Pick a character from your favourite book – why them ?
9. Deckchair, Settee, Chair – What’s your Preference
10.  Of all the books you’ve read which is your “Must go back to” and Why?
 My 10 Nominees
2. Geethap2007
3. TrevJones
4. Ajoobacats
5. Dailymusing57
6. Passionatelybored
7. Athling2001
8. AbbieLu
9. Asnapshot
10. John White


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The Dragon’s Egg

Another tale from the pages of written by me – Enjoy the read

Some workers were digging

up pipes underground,

when a very large coloured egg

in the sand it was found.

Now, the foreman of th’ site

didn’t know what to do,

so he called up some keepers

from th’ local zoo.

The egg.. it was green,

and blue, brown and red,

and was lain in the ground

deep down in a bed.

A bed of red sand,

of twigs and of clays –

it looked as if th’egg

had been there for days.

Said the worker to foreman –

“where’d it come from?” ,  Said the Foreman – “Dunno!?!”

And just then the egg

it began to glow.

So the keepers arrived,

with their boss from the zoo,

with a team to see if

there was summat they could do.

“it could be a snake” – the zoo boss replied.

Some big builders turned – and ran off to hide!

As builders they gathered to mend their pride,

the keepers could hear a noise from inside…

The head keeper thought –

there was summat amiss,

as the egg it both glowed

and started to hiss.

The little creature inside,

was feeling awfully glum

as all that it wanted was its

Dad and its Mum

“No need for alarm!”, the zoo boss he said

“we need to give th’egg, some sort of bed

nothing to0 great and nothing so grand..”

so the builders brought over some big bags of sand.

So th’egg it was rested

in its warm sandy bed

just as two shadows

loomed overhead.

“Oh Heavens!” cried a builder

“Begorrah! Begad!

I think i’ve just seen

Th’ eggs Mum and Dad!”

Two big scaly dragons, one green and one blue,

over the heads of the people they flew.

The Head Keeper called for everyone’s calm –

he knew that the dragons, didn’t mean any harm.

And little egg it glowed brighter

as little dragon did peck

and Mum and Dad Dragon

landed on th’ deck

And Mummy Dragon landed,

as Dad flew over sky

as dragons egg it opened

and the contents it said “Hi!”

And Dragons’ smiled kindly

nodding thank you to the team.

They named their little lad “Burnie” –

who was their little red dream

They then made their Zoo friends happy,

as they watched three dragons at night

as Mum and Dad took little Burnie

Off on his first little flight.

And then, politely nodding

they said their thanks and goodbye.

As the dragon’s family headed

to their home up high in the sky!

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The conversant cat

A post for
Literate for a Day

It came as a bit of a shock for Auntie M.

She’d just put out a tin of sardines for her cat, Tiddles when it happened

He pitter-pattered into the kitchen, took a look at his lunch – and instead of meowing – asked her a question

Can I have Corned Beef Instead, Mummy ?”

Dazed by a state of surprise, she dashed down to the Grocer to get some.

And whilst Tiddles munched on his new lunch – Auntie M phoned Mum

At Home mum picked up the phone “Have you taken your tablets Auntie M ?” Mum asked, sounding concerned

“Look, I’m as sane as the next woman” She replied “Tiddles is Talking!!”

The family was bundled off into the car and made their way to Auntie M’s

By the time we’d arrived, Tiddles was sleeping off his new found dinner in his pet basket.  Dad picked up the big furry pussycat and looked at him closely – Tiddles returned the favour – giving Dad one of those looks as if to say “Put one hand too close – you’ll get a paw in the mush!”.”He looks OK to me..” said dad ….” are you sure you didn’t hear the TV?”

“No! He talked I tell you”, Auntie M protested ” just like I’m talking to you now!”

“Barmy!” said Dad

Mum then cut into the conversation -“Now Luv, Don’t talk to Auntie M like that – think of the kids..”

Dad looked at Mum – then at Auntie M then at the Cat – “It’s got to be said…I’ve never heard such…”

The raised voices were broken by my little sister, giggling away happily in her buggy.

“what you need is some fresh air…Auntie M…we’re taking Anne to the park for a ride in her buggy” – she paused – “Do you want to come ?”

“But what about Tiddles ?”

“Your Nephew can look after him…come on, you’ll enjoy it!”

reluctantly , Auntie M went down to the park with the rest of the family

Tiddles jumped on to my lap as I sat on the sofa – he looked up at me and smiled.

Silly old puss. I thought. What have you done to give Auntie a fright ??  Tiddles just sat in my lap, purring away.  He seemed to like sitting there.

I turned the Telly on to watch the rest of the Saturday morning cartoons

Up in the clear blue sky was the moon – perfectly round and bright as a button

“Spooky thing is the moon in the day…” I said, Thinking aloud, as I rubbed Tiddles neck…he was purring contently

I Know!” came the reply

I leapt out of the seat and tiddles went upwards in the air and landed paws first on his cat cushion

“sorry about that…”, he said from the cushion, “but it needed to be said”

And then he explained it – Once every year around the time of the full moon, Tiddles and the other cats in the street could talk – like their owners.  However , being the shy retiring type – Tiddles had been building up the courage to talk to Auntie M – and gave her a fright in the kitchen

So instead of talking to Auntie M – Tiddles and I talked…we talked about Cats (Naturally) and Fish and Treats , reasons why balls of wool beat any catnip mouse, what his favourite foods were (certain pet foods just will not do)  and the special time when the moon appeared full in the sky.

I’m going to miss talking like this…”  Tiddles sighed “That’s the saddest thing about it

“Tell you what” I said ” I’ll come and visit you – and you can tell me all about your day when I visit”

That’ll be nice!” said Tiddles “I Tried talking to that nice Persian Blue next door but I didn’t get anywhere with her…”

Puzzled, I asked the furry pussycat..”Why’s that Tiddles ?”

Tiddles put his paws over his eyes and gave a meow

She talks foreign!”

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Trials of a blogging writer

There are days when I wish the TARDIS was real….

For those not familiar with the vessel…the t.a.r.d.i.s. is the time traveling vessel of doctor who…who travels through time and space on adventures, with his companions.

I wrote a piece where I kind of borrowed the tardis from one of its homes at mediacity uk, just across the way and picked up some eminent scientists for a cure for my ailments…and a baby mammoth to keep them safe

After I’d written it though…I came to the conclusion there was no cure and the little niggles my conditions give me are the ones that make me me….

Having a woolly mammoth for a pet would be pretty cool though…