A Blog Award – The Liebster


I’m over the moon to read, that one of my readers has decided to Nominate me for an Award

(gets the Kleenex tissues out – If only i’d written a speech…)

So, without further-a-do – a big Lancastrian “Thank You, Luv!” goes out to Libby Vine for nominating me!  I’m just glad someone out there is reading my humble little scribbles on the world wide web.

  1. What city/town do you currently live in? – Salford, Lancashire, UK – Manchester’s Sister City
  2. What book are you currently reading? – So Many on the shelf – but if I had to pick one – Terry Pratchett’s Final Novel – The shepherds crown
  3. Who is your greatest living hero and why?
  4. How many books do you hope to read this year? – Five
  5. Where would you like to go on vacation? – Greece
  6. Which is your favorite children’s book character? Winnie-the-pooh, because for a bear of very little brain – he isn’t half clever!
  7. Do you read paper books or e-reader? – Both
  8. Where do you like to read? – In my Room or out in the Garden
  9. Please recommend your favorite book you read last year in 2015 – War Horse / Farm Boy – two books, one theme – brilliant work by Michael Morpurgo
  10. Why should readers follow your blog? – to read some of my humble scribbles, they’re like apple pies – one isn’t enough!
10 Questions to be Answered
1. What’s the name of your favourite Cartoon Character ?
2. How do you read your books mostly ?
3. What’s your Favourite Film Adaptation?
4. What Book did you read Last – and where did you read it ?
5. I listen to Audiobooks – Do You ? If so – Mention your Favourite
6. Hardback , Paperback, E-Reader, Web – What’s your Choice
7. Three things you always take on holiday – Name them
8. Pick a character from your favourite book – why them ?
9. Deckchair, Settee, Chair – What’s your Preference
10.  Of all the books you’ve read which is your “Must go back to” and Why?
 My 10 Nominees
1. Zhafiraiha.com
2. Geethap2007
3. TrevJones
4. Ajoobacats
5. Dailymusing57
6. Passionatelybored
7. Athling2001
8. AbbieLu
9. Asnapshot
10. John White


2 thoughts on “A Blog Award – The Liebster

    • I know this comes at the end of the year libby, but can I recommend some of my character pieces on my poetry thread…nip to the category cloud on my page and tap on Character or Poetry – you should find a few animal / character poems there, feel free to take a look – and if you wish feel free to use (paid capacity – email me) – all I ask is that you drop me a line to tell me where you have used it…..


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