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MP3 resurrected the radio star

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They say that many a comic

has died a death on stage

back in the days before telly

their acts were all the rage

They’d record their gags in a studio

in front of a selective few

and transmit it across the radio

where the humour seemed fresh and new

They’d still do their thing in the theatre

and have audiences rolling in aisles

but the broadcasts took planning and edits

so they had to wait for a while

Telly another performance

they had their audiences wait

they’d appear after five – most times live

after sports shows were on around eight

thankfully recordings they kept back

and sold on video or CD

but now recordings are better

through digital form – MP3

so sit back and listen to the classics

like these comics had never gone away

laughing at jokes, gags and sketches

performed like they were in the day.

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#CYW #Tumbleweed

Tumbleweed: C/o Bing Images

The star of any dry gulch western,

hasn’t got many lines in the script

but upon arrival makes an impact

he’ll give you a sense of this lawless town

simply by rolling from the bank to the saloon

as the cowboy comes to sort the bad guys out

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#Coloryourworld #cyw #Tumbleweed

A funny little fellow

is the humble tumbleweed

beginning life

in the wind as a seed


Dependable in the desert

Guaranteed to sweep up

as it travels making cameo appearances

in every good western


Home for the children,

who leave when the moment comes

to follow mum and dad’s footsteps

in front of the film camera


Brothers, sisters, cousins, all

travel through desert wind – its rise and its fall

passing through wild west towns, roadsides and rock

resting in fields, and places where animals do flock


And as the wind turns, there’s quite a reaction

as tumbleweed moves through the scene

at words of “light , camera, action”

the cowboy film’s fans are more than keen.

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Roaring with Laughter

In response to the prompt

Roaring Laughter

When was the last time something had me Rolling in the Aisles?


Friday Afternoon half past One – I’m sat watching a pair of Old Comic Masters at their Utmost best – Eric Sykes and Tommy Cooper (without his trademark Fez) in “The Plank”

The two comedians play two bungling workmen assigned to finish off a house build – and go looking for a plank of wood to finish the job after one of them uses their last piece for firewood.

Seems straightforward doesn’t it? But from the arrival at the timber yard to scrapes with other workmen, The plank seems to evade them…all until the end of the film

Of all the fine comic actors in the show…and the plank…who steals the show?  The cat that appears throughout the film – the last scene is chaotic – pure Sykes – and you’ll see why if you watch it – I wont give away the punchline!