Read all about it!

In response to the prompt Newspaper Now, here’s something Everyone’s taken aback by the news today When you go to the shop to pick up your paper – it might not be there Some bright spark in Fleet Street would rather you use your Personal device via “The web”. All in a vain attempt to beContinue reading “Read all about it!”


In response to the Daily post Prompt Value Funny thing is that word VALUE its quite easy to equate it in the mecca of shopping I know as ASDA but my American / Canadian Cousins call – WALMART I walked round the American Giant that’s landed on its cousins shores We were looking for aContinue reading “Value”

Out with the Samsung

Originally posted on The Inkwell:
Shots of the Mediacity & Quayside taken on a Walkabout of the Quays in Salford.  Camera used was my Samsung WB-250…the one I use as a backup for Panoramic Shots. IWM North Media City – BBC Salford IWM North The Lowry IWM North from Bridge House and Pier 6 Bridge…

Roaring with Laughter

In response to the prompt Roaring Laughter When was the last time something had me Rolling in the Aisles? Friday Afternoon half past One – I’m sat watching a pair of Old Comic Masters at their Utmost best – Eric Sykes and Tommy Cooper (without his trademark Fez) in “The Plank” The two comedians play twoContinue reading “Roaring with Laughter”

Trials of a blogging writer

There are days when I wish the TARDIS was real…. For those not familiar with the vessel…the t.a.r.d.i.s. is the time traveling vessel of doctor who…who travels through time and space on adventures, with his companions. I wrote a piece where I kind of borrowed the tardis from one of its homes at mediacity uk,Continue reading “Trials of a blogging writer”