30th October 2016

A tale by Brian F Kirkham (inkdrop) in response to the Daily post prompt


There was a lad called Gulliver

who’s parents were reliant

related to the Beanstalk Jack

(the one who killed the Giant)

Compared to Jack – He wasn’t that tall

and by the beanstalk he looked quite small

he went exploring off to the sea

as well as looking for summat for tea

His boat was harshly hit to and fro,

and young Gulliver washed up on shore in the snow

“We’ve got you!” said a little man he saw by his side

but he couldn’t rise up – he tried and he tried

His hopes of escape

they were dashed by the small

tied by ropes to the ground

he couldn’t move at all

And so he did sleep – until on one day

his strength did return and the ropes they gave way

But his boat it were broken so he sent Dad a letter

“Will be home soon” he said “When boat it is better”

So soon they were friends – Gulliver and Small

and the Islanders were grateful he really was tall

as Gulliver harvested crops in the day

a yearful’s supply – so the villagers could play.

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