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  • Boats

    #writephoto #boats Back in dock, after their adventure on the coastal water, now anchored as the crew offloads the cargo taking a moment of rest before sailing out to find another catch

  • Dragonboat


    #napowrimo #chinesenewyear They landed while everyone slept Now floating majestically on The banks of the canal Awoken by the sound Of a mighty drum Cutting swiftly through water In a race to the finish Oars moving as one As dragons race head to head For the glory of the win And water makes waves As […]

  • Out to Sea

    Sail Salford, 6th July 2017   A reminiscence Out on the great waters of the Irish sea Seventy two feet of ocean going vessel designed by a master boatman   Water moving over the hull of the ship together moving sails to continue the trip following course – given by the skipper adventures i’d dreamt […]

  • Treasure

    Treasure Taken from merchant ships, by Rascals of the seven seas Every pirate worth their salty sea legs Admires the prize of jewels, silver and gold doubloons Some keep their precious horde hidden Under tropical sands , deserted shores – only Revealed many moons later by a younger Explorer, following the pirates charts and maps

  • Shipwrecked V.2

    Shipwrecked V.2 A piece of poetry entered on at thought i’d share The ship and its cargo went west by sea commissioned to embargo privateers booty Across the vast blue seas it went, on the mission its owner had sent battles aplenty on way to the shore cannons firing from starboard and more […]

  • Storm

    Storm Sent to put fear up the most hardy of crewmen The wind and rain combine to create an almighty concoction Onward gales gather in the sheets of a ships sails Raging waves collide against the hull Maybe, it wasn’t so wise to set sail tonight after all.

  • Sailing into the Unknown

    Sailing into the Unknown

    In response to the prompt – A tale of youngsters on the ocean wave I came across the Ocean Youth Club quite by chance.  I was helping out at my local parish church, St Josephs RC in Salford when the opportunity came about – provided by the RC Church and centre in the heart of […]

  • I must go down to the sea….

    I must go down to the sea….

    In response to the daily post challenge – Quote Me I must go down to the sea again the lonely sea and sky I left my socks and shoes there I Wonder if they’re dry ? I Must Go Down To The Sea Again Poem by Spike MilliganSpike Milligan created this poem from an original […]

  • Iceberg

    In arctic waters Captains of mighty trawlers Expect Trouble – so upon sight they Beckon each and Every Man on board to Resist the perilous demon of the ice, or Go to the lifeboats