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Snook on the edge of your regular

Newspaper, a story which really hasn’t broken yet

It’s a small story, to grab your attention and

Perhaps there will be a bit more news on it tomorrow after

People start talking about it

Enthusing them enough to see where

The story leads – from page 15 to Page 1

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Read all about it!

In response to the prompt

Now, here’s something

Everyone’s taken aback by the news today

When you go to the shop to pick up your paper – it might not be there

Some bright spark in Fleet Street would rather you use your

Personal device via “The web”.

All in a vain attempt to be one step ahead of the TV,

Press hacks aren’t happy as their work is consigned to history (and the fish shop)..

Expect a few rumbles from this idea

Reactions from those on the front page – definitely mixed

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in response to the daily post prompt :

I’ve just been watching a story of an elderly woman on BBC News who has been ordered to clear up her housing association flat.

She robustly refused to comply with the order – saying her life was in those items around her.  And when I look on my shelves around me – I can see where she was coming from.

What’s more I’m beginning to empathise with her…

My bookshelves are teaming with books from past and present, Baden-Powell’s book “Scouting for Boys” shares a space with the Tales of the Willows and Winnie the Pooh.

A Mug Tree holds ceramics from the Warner Brothers Studio Store, and bits and bobs from camping trips and events I’ve volunteered at in Manchester are dotted around the place

Commonwealth Games …. Various Sporting Contests….Olympic Football Competitions…

Books from Childhood, DVDs of Classic Films, Snowglobes and pottery animals.  The cupboard by my bed is filling up with pottery turtles – One’s from the Sea Life Centre in Manchester, another is from a recent trip to Turkey, whilst the third comes from a trip to one of the Greek Islands

Each item has in it its own little tale of how it landed In my room, and much like the lady in the news story – if it were down to me – I couldn’t throw them away.


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The Great British Write Off

A selection of works I’ve had work published in!

Apart from writing this blog, I also maintain a presence on the Poetry Site – and contribute work to contests run by Forward Poetry.

I’ve appeared in a number of publications printed out of these contests a selection is displayed above…In response to the mass appreciation to the Great British Bake Off on BBC TV – Writers were Invited to submit their entries to the Great British Write Off

You could write about anything – but pulling two threads together – I submitted my piece “Sandwiches” – It appeared on Page 8 of the final printed book.

The first “Great British Write Off”

for those who haven’t read it (really ?)  here’s where you’ll find it.–Sand-wiches-by-InkdropK

I’ve entered this years Great British Write Off , and took my inspiration from family holidays I used to take around the UK Coastline…and I’m pleased to report it too has been published…whether or not I win or not – i’ll find out in 2016.

but for those who cannot wait to read it 🙂

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Earth cow on the move!!!

Earth Cow is on the Move (for a short while)

After an eventful few weeks mum and dad have decided we need a holiday…so we’re off for some r and r in Turkey.  

This is where I can happily post a disclaimer….I didn’t pick this one….despite the goings on in nearby states my nearest and dearest said it was a great deal….any grief…I’m on the next plane home….and one shall console myself with the Turkish food