Riff Right about now in music classrooms in high schools up and down the land four piece bands are being formed and fret boards are taking a hammering Repeated notes in ordered formation fill empty spaces on the musical page forming a foundation to create something magical Rythum and Blues follow guitar in concert hallsContinue reading “Riff”


Ostentatious Definition of Ostentatious Characterised by pretentious or showy display; designed to impress. There are many places that meet this criteria, but you could say the refurbished Manchester Waterside comes close. Firstly they cleaned up the basins, and placed lots of fancy housing around where the dockside warehouses are…whilst that was going on, they builtContinue reading “Ostentatious”


An acrostic poem written to a Photo Challenge on Allpoetry.com (played around a little with the photo in photoshop!) Sitting in a dusty hallway The old grand master sits alone Expecting someone to play him In his time – he was a legend Nobody could beat him for a tune When his black and white keysContinue reading “Piano”

A choral thing

Sing a literary response to the Manchester Voices Volunteer Choir Let the people sing aloud, for those in the audience are justly proud… of those gathered together in a mere few weeks – the music director needed some tweaks… as they sorted the tenors from the bass baritone with a couple of sopranos sometimes singingContinue reading “A choral thing”

The Musical Place

  A poem dedicated to the Millennium Landmark of the Arts – based right in my home city, by the banks of the Manchester ship canal. There’s a place by Pier Eight, at the end of the quay – where people go looking for things to see. I’m talking of Art from Present and Past,Continue reading “The Musical Place”