A scene from Playaway, a programme i watched when i was younger

The setting : A Railway Station News Kiosk

(Enter a pinstriped-suit gentleman with briefcase)

Gentleman : Mirror, Please

(Lady behind the counter hands him an actual mirror)

Gentleman : No, Madam….Do you have a Sun

Lady : He’s at school!

Gentleman : Mail ?

Lady : Of course he his !

Gentleman : No Madam, you misunderstand, Do you have a Mail?!

Lady : Well, there’s me husband….

Gentleman : Guardian?

Lady : The Guard’s over there….

Gentleman : Do you have the times

Lady : They’re up there by the clock – but you can’t abide by them

Gentleman : Express ?

LadyWe’re waiting for it….

Gentleman : (Annoyed) Do you sell any papers at all?

Lady : Oh yes, Mirror, Mail, Guardian, Times, Express, which one would you like ?

Gentleman : Express ?

Lady : we’re waiting for it…

Gentleman: I just want a paper – i’ll take any

Lady : Sorry sir they’re being delivered on the express!!!

Gentleman : BAH!

Lady : we do have the late extra….

Gentleman : I’ll take that, this papers a bit old – this is from two weeks ago…

Lady : I told you it was late – that’ll be a pound please

Gentleman : Hold on a sec – it says 50p

Lady : I told you it was Extra!!!!

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