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Arts and Crafts

As you know, if you’ve followed this blog – I’ve been going to the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre in Salford to aid my recovery.

As part of this I’ve engaged in Photography and Arts Classes run by the local College at the centre.

The photography class still continues – despite a change in provision at the centre – and its allowed me to run free with my new digital camera – its a bridge camera from Sony – and does a great job for what I want it to do


You may have seen one or two of these before – liberally dropped around the stories on my blog, covering themes of Christmas to the Outdoors.

BASIC Learning Life Nature Photography

Photography @ BASIC – Ed3

As regular readers of my Blog will know, I’ve been attending the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre (BASIC) in my Hometown of Salford , as I aim to address some of the issues linked to my Arrested Hydrocephalus.

Apart from Regular sessions of Memory Workshops – I’ve been taking part in Photographic Classes as a way to occupy myself whilst I’m on “Voluntary Duties”.  Therapeutically, it aids my concentration and co-ordination – both of which have been affected whilst I’ve been living with my condition.

Wednesday’s session was all to do with Close-up and Zoom Photography.  I took along my Sony Cybershot Bridge Camera for the lesson. We used a Pink Rose and a Backdrop to create some really good shots.

My favourite shot is featured in the header – as I managed to get the detail of the flower in the picture without too much hassle.

A rose, subject matter for Wednesday’s session (20/1/2016)
BASIC Brain Memory

Memory Workshop

Today at BASICs Memory workshop, we learned about the three different kinds of memory stored in the brain.

The first, Episodic – deals with Events in a persons life – it allows you to remember peoples birthdays, sporting events and all those things to do with Dates – such as appointments to the doctor and all that other stuff

The Second, Semantic – deals in cold hard facts.  Information, Locations and so on

Finally, the third part of the brain – The procedural memory deals with all the doing parts of the brain allowing us to walk talk and breathe, as we grow it allows us to learn new skills

BASIC Food Photography Water

Photography Class @ BASIC, Salford

Embedded image permalink

Another Day in BASICs Photography Class – and today we’ve been doing a spot of Motion Photography.  It basically revolved about slowing down the speed of the shot to capture the movement in the picture.  The cameras were kept steady using a tripod or a flat surface and the shutter speed was brought up to a fast speed in order to capture the action of the water entering the glass and the bubbles it created.

It was a really enjoyable session as all the group worked as a team to achieve some brilliant photography


The motion photography is part of a ‘food’ theme we’ve got running throughout our lessons – we hope that some of the pics will be used to decorate BASICs Café – Food for Thought.


BASIC Life Memory Rainbows

Looking for Rainbows

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Seven Wonders.”

“Looking for Rainbows in a Cloudless Sky”

A seven word Poem in response to the prompt

Here’s another one – with my Memory Workshop coming up this afternoon at BASIC –








BASIC Nature Photography Poetry

Rock to Sand


Seaside scene created at BASIC in Salford, photo by inkdrop


mother nature’s art
created on our island
for everyone’s eye

the rough sands of time
eat slowly away at rock
carving a coastline

aided by the wind
and the foam sea in the west
the sand carves the cliffs

fallen rock is smoothed
by the foam of the sea
and pebbles shimmer

little tiny rocks
gather with the seashells
to create soft sand

and in a moment
time passes as shore grows
as sand in timer moves

Animals BASIC Birds Poetry

On a Mission

Poem that appeared in “Writers Cramp” in 2010, For BASIC

Pigeons, Salford Quays, 2020

The pigeon is skipping down the lane,
on a Mission.
He’s looking for that bit of fish,
from the open sardine tin,
left by the daytripper
at St Francis’ Basin.

Or the Half Eaten Sandwich,
Left in the bins
By the Designer
at the Outlet by Salford Quays

And passing snow geese can only look on,
as the pigeon hops,
between passing pedestrians,
in their summer regalia.

He doesn’t mind,
He and his friends,
He doesn’t mind
What they drop,
So long as they can have it
for dinner.

Attention BASIC Concentration Memory


colored maze vector graphics

This weeks session @ BASICs Memory Workshop focused on

Attention and Concentration

As part of the session, we were given two maze puzzles to do.  Now, the aim wasn’t to complete the puzzles – more to concentrate on doing them and maintaining the focus of going round the mazes.

As we did the mazes, we were asked to note when our attention slipped – as usual, mine went around the hour when we had a tea break in the café!!!

I found it difficult in places – as my hand tended to slip as I moved around each maze , but it got easier as I concentrated on the task in hand

In Honour of the groups work – I’ve found a little maze on Google graphics. and I’ve left it above for you to try.  See if you can make your way round the maze without your attention wondering (suggestion: don’t do this around meal times!!!)

BASIC Health Memory Poetry

Broken Biscuits & Jigsaw Puzzles

A poem I wrote for the People with Disabilities group on

Thought i’d share it here

They saved me from that watery end
and patchy memories that would send
this humble poet, up the creek
a simple solution i would seek

Memories laid, now they would hide
in a dark place, residing inside
but with careful aid, and trained eye
I recalled the puzzles that passed me by

Balance, a common problem to me
identified when I were three
and Inturned feet were a hint
to doctors who put me in splints

And pieces of puzzles, sometimes didn’t fit
so down on a chair , i would sit
and talked to the man with letters after name
till i could manage to work out the game

I’d master the cracks in th’pavement (and stairs)
Visiting the quacks for running repairs
and learning new things, i’d take my time
Mastering concepts, rhythm and rhyme

Trips to the hospital , every week
Physios practicing their technique
OTs giving pencil grips
and handing out writing tips

Doing things, helped a lot
Art, craft and writing joined the dots
and changing the goalposts, i patched up the holes
as i set myself some brand new goals.

Handling schoolwork – a bit of a task
and work deadlines a bit of an ask
but accepting it all – I’ve drawn not won
and doing volunteering has been fun!

I learned new ways of learning, and some of its took’
now scribbling notes in a bright red notebook
recovery’s coming, but i’ll take in the tips
as this memory thing, i start to get grips.

So i’ll take my time, till the pieces fit
writing my poems , and volunteering a bit
learning new things, wi others to do
leaving mi’ worries and having fun too

BASIC Photography

Out with my Camera

Wednesday morning means i’ve been at BASIC in Salford, learning new stuff around my camera.


We’ve worked with items you would find on the shore, including some coloured sand , some pebbles and stones and a great big piece of rock.  Its produced some lovely shots, as i practiced the close up of the stones shells and sand.


Used my Zoom and moved around the pebbles to achieve some great shots


The colours really showed through against the white sand and i got some lovely pics.