Accidents Attention Life Poetry

Mis step

in response to the prompt  Misstep

The daredevil daren’t look down

as he looks straight ahead

at his journey’s end


For one false step

means a leap of faith

into certain doom


As below the wire

sits a hungry group of

leathery crocs – awaiting lunch

Attention Photography Technology


Written in response to the daily post prompt : Screen

Salford, 6th March 2016

The window to another world,

That’s what one of my relatives called the Television when it first came out.

Nowadays however, there seems to be screens on every bit of kit imaginable

Laptops and Desktop Computers, Cameras, Video recorders, I pods and Ipads…

a Sony Digital Stills camera – From the Front

Screens seem to have changed the way we use these tools – I remember my old Technology Tutor, telling the class when I was in computer studies – “The Display only shows what you give it”…he was referring to a teletext – style display, created on the old BBC “B” Microcomputer : but the same can be said for an operator of a Digital stills camera

You’re dependant on that Small rectangular square – the viewfinder – on the back of the camera, as you pan and zoom looking for the perfect picture.  Yes, you can play around with your picture – turn it into a drawing , add special effects, apply dazzling lights but at the end of play its down to three things working together to enable your camera to produce the masterpiece you want.

Firstly – your eye spotting your subject in the screen .  Second – Your reaction time and Third – Being in the right place at that time to click that shutter button.

For if you’re not paying attention to the screen – you lose the pic!



Attention Inspiration



A butterfly poem inspired by the prompt…

Jump for Joy!

Reach for those stars.

Go for that Goal.


At all times,

Remember to use Caution

and look before you…

Attention BASIC Concentration Memory


colored maze vector graphics

This weeks session @ BASICs Memory Workshop focused on

Attention and Concentration

As part of the session, we were given two maze puzzles to do.  Now, the aim wasn’t to complete the puzzles – more to concentrate on doing them and maintaining the focus of going round the mazes.

As we did the mazes, we were asked to note when our attention slipped – as usual, mine went around the hour when we had a tea break in the café!!!

I found it difficult in places – as my hand tended to slip as I moved around each maze , but it got easier as I concentrated on the task in hand

In Honour of the groups work – I’ve found a little maze on Google graphics. and I’ve left it above for you to try.  See if you can make your way round the maze without your attention wondering (suggestion: don’t do this around meal times!!!)