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As regular readers of my Blog will know, I’ve been attending the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre (BASIC) in my Hometown of Salford , as I aim to address some of the issues linked to my Arrested Hydrocephalus.

Apart from Regular sessions of Memory Workshops – I’ve been taking part in Photographic Classes as a way to occupy myself whilst I’m on “Voluntary Duties”.  Therapeutically, it aids my concentration and co-ordination – both of which have been affected whilst I’ve been living with my condition.

Wednesday’s session was all to do with Close-up and Zoom Photography.  I took along my Sony Cybershot Bridge Camera for the lesson. We used a Pink Rose and a Backdrop to create some really good shots.

My favourite shot is featured in the header – as I managed to get the detail of the flower in the picture without too much hassle.


A rose, subject matter for Wednesday’s session (20/1/2016)

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