The best pet i never had

Another #Napowrimo prompt from Maire @ #Writeclub enjoy the poem! I In my life i’ve had a few pets and lots of trips to the local vets i’ve had a dog and lots of cats but i’ve never had a giant fruit bat II You see i always saw them at the zoo and watchedContinue reading “The best pet i never had”


#fowc #Mayhem There was a great hullabaloo at the local coastal zoo the animals were out to play as Mr Keeper was on holiday The Lions were playing the rhinos in a game of five a side The mummy lions with their cubs cheering on with pride The elephants had experienced ice cream and enjoyedContinue reading “Mayhem”


#Fowc #Encounter #Rhino #Zoo Armour Plated cousin of Our dear old friend the horse Lives off lots of green stuff and fruits and berries of course! With that great big horn on the end of his snout you’d be careful when he starts running about but he’s friendly to all who visit his lawn andContinue reading “Encounter”

Memories of Holidays Past

Memories of Holidays Past (alternate title : A Salford lads venture in the Southwest of England) The English Riviera… Torquay, Paignton, Brixham – the English County of Devon One heck of a place to get to by Car, even more by rail. Heading south, through mystical places – on an intercity train. A great adventureContinue reading “Memories of Holidays Past”

Life Imitates Art ?

Now, this is another Arty post. Consider this pic if you will Its a silverfoil of a Panda, eating Bamboo – I produced this a couple of years back when I was just getting my hand of this artform…I reckon it came out very well. Then again consider this photograph – taken at Edinburgh ZooContinue reading “Life Imitates Art ?”

At the Zoo (Edinburgh)

Looking through my notebooks, I found a poem I wrote after visiting Edinburgh Zoo.  I had been attending the wedding of a family friend, and visited the zoo with the rest of the family after the wedding. Hope you like it. Edinburgh, 30th April 2013 At the Zoo – by Brian F Kirkham   IContinue reading “At the Zoo (Edinburgh)”

Off to the Zoo…

In response to the prompt Life’s a Candy Store Now, here’s a challenge Twenty four hours as a six year old kid…. It has to be a trip to the Zoo with my Mum, Dad, and Little Sister. We’re off we’re off we’re off in a Motor Car… Which Zoo ?  Three come to mind. Continue reading “Off to the Zoo…”

Edinburgh Zoo

I went to the zoo today, and saw a sleepy tigger with stripey paws and a lion with great big claws but that wasn’t everything i saw today.… Went to the zoo today, saw a Golden bear swinging from a tree, and monkeys and gibbons eating their tea, and penguins underwater – looking at me!Continue reading “Edinburgh Zoo”