At the Zoo (Edinburgh)

Looking through my notebooks, I found a poem I wrote after visiting Edinburgh Zoo.  I had been attending the wedding of a family friend, and visited the zoo with the rest of the family after the wedding.

Hope you like it.

Edinburgh, 30th April 2013

At the Zoo – by Brian F Kirkham


I went to the Zoo today

and saw a tigger with stripey paws

and a lion with great big claws

but that isn’t everything I saw



I went to the Zoo today

and saw the monkeys and chimps at play

Gorillas on trees, swatting off fleas

and Marmosets hanging off branches by knees



I went to the Zoo today

saw a golden bear swinging off a tree

Orang-utans and Gibbons enjoying their tea

and penguins underwater – like they swim in the sea



panda 2

I went to the zoo today

and saw the pandas out at play

with lots of toys they had lots to do

but most they enjoyed was – eating bamboo



I went to the zoo today

saw a leopard hiding in a bush

and a black panther in the brush

while their cubs dashed around the grass in a rush



I went to the zoo today

and watched Eagles and birds of prey

against grand Scottish hills

I saw buzzards and bills

enjoying the scraps and their swoops and their spills

as I ate up a hotdog from a restaurant grill



  1. This is SO good!! Love it! Especially the panda:) The kids in Elementary watch a panda “live” on Utube or such and he does just what you wrote. Eats bamboo all day! Made me chuckle, saw a Smithsonian clip on Facebook today of the panda in the Washington DC zoo LOVING the Blizzard Jonas snow:) Made me smile, smile for it is more fun than bamboo for awhile:) blessings, d

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    1. I’ve seen that – the pic was taken a while back though after a pals wedding. My little sister was a bridesmaid and we were all invited guests…went to the zoo as part of the break.

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