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  • Refueling Point

    Refueling Point

    Salford Museum and Art Gallery 30/1/22 You’ve been on your weekly pilgrimage and are on your way home when your tum reminds you of chocolate, steam and foam So off you depart from your regular road and sit down in comfort in a local abode enjoying a drink warm and so sweet with a slice […]

  • Diving In

    #FPQ Fandango on his excellent column at, wants to know how i relieve stress My Answer – is quite simple DO SUMMAT ELSE Now before people start posting all sorts of calumny against that idea, there’s a good reason why i mention it Concentrating on the stressful situation can consume an individual if you […]

  • A Kind of Window….

    A Kind of Window….

    #writephoto The room you had booked on the internet could be called a room with a view palatial, with sights of the gardens your own balcony with views of the river it could almost be paradise but for one little thing mornings could be a little fresh for in your palatial apartment they’d forgot to […]

  • Moondance

    #wdys Making the most of that precious opportunity, when in the field out of the last rays of sun, just before nightfall – Luna makes an appearance down below her – the children skip and jig and above them – feathered friends flap excited as night begins to fall children will be called in as […]

  • Excuses

    #writeclub #excuses Excuses They’ve postponed the annual Christmas dinner so some of the vollies might seem a bit thinner no warm candles burning or crackers to tug and all because of a proverbial bug The party’s been cancelled for sometime next year as another bugs landed – to everyone’s fear The plan was a-go to […]

  • Never too old

    #WDYS While Nanna taught the little uns about life before they were born the crops grown on the farm and animals that lived there there was always something she could learn from her grandson like how to get the seeds for the fields in lightning speed – and all through the click of a button

  • The wrong key

    The wrong key

    #WDYS The rain had stopped when the locksmith arrived two sheepish lovebirds sat outside his latest job they were looking a bit worse for wear sat slightly damp on the garden bench but quite how they’d managed to, mistake car key for house key was anybody’s guess what was certain was he’d be eating well […]

  • Noise


    Salford, 9th November 2021 (response to a write club theme by inky) What’s that noise ? beyond the glass up in the rooftops its the birds that pass surveying the autumn pickings on the frost laden grass What’s that noise? beyond the bricks the pipes are playing at quarter to six rolling water like streams […]

  • Cobbles


    The old streets growing up weren’t that much fun as the last of the horse and carts made their way through town You knew when the Rag and Bone Man were coming though his voice boomed through the street there was a noise that was much louder A Hard Noise Of Hardened Iron meeting slabs […]

  • Looking at a line full of laundry

    Looking at a line full of laundry

    Salford 1st November Response to a Writeclub Prompt by Inky #Larkhillplace #writeclub #street #Salford There’s a breeze tonight a perfect westerly don’t need to check the weather forecast and i’ll tell you why tween lark hill place and ackers st the mangles have been working overtime and Mrs Protheroe’s washing is hanging on the line […]