Frozen Flowers

Salford, 25th May 2016

Location : Brain and Spinal Injury Centre – Salford

Frozen in time, a Flower head in ice ((c) Brian F Kirkham, May 2016)

In today’s photography workshop, we’ve been working with flower heads, captured in trays of Ice.  We photographed the Ice over time , with close up shots and as the ice changed, the subject matter changed too.

Set of six – (c) Brian F Kirkham, May 2016

The green coloured cloth was set out to keep the table dry – but it added some interesting textures to the photograph.

The Ice allowed us to do some really good close up work, and as it melted – we achieved some really good effects with our cameras.

Frozen Flower (c) Brian F Kirkham, May 2016

Getting close up to the subject matter in the ice captured the bubbles in the ice as well as the details in the flowers.  I enjoyed taking the above pic because of the colours in the flower, the detail of the flower and the bubbles in the ice.

Frozen Leaf – (c) Brian F Kirkham, May 2016
Iced (Bubbles) – Brian F Kirkham May 2016


  1. Wow these are really interesting! I have never heard of freezing flowers. Only freezing credit cards haha. Have you ever tried putting flowers in between heavy books for a few days? It dries them out and they look gorgeous.

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    1. I’ve done that also, One More Shot – but since getting hold of my camera – I’ve tended to point and shoot to capture the images. Our Leaders experiment was really good though might try it myself – if I can get a baking tray past the ready meals (sic)


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