#WDYS #Napowrimo Time to take a moment…. Three day weekends are there To be enjoyed not laboured through Take a while to move your feet through a spring green full of flowers tip toe through the tulips (or daffodils) Take a moment, to enjoy what’s around you enjoy a sandwich and cake under a treeContinue reading “Exhale”

Tulips in the snow

#Napowrimo #Writeclub Another response to a writeclub prompt by yours truly cheers to Gary @ Writeclub for providing it The bulbs had sleeping all Winter waiting for a small hint of Spring they’d been waiting for the soil to warm up and thinking of the colour they’d bring So imagine then, to their surprise whenContinue reading “Tulips in the snow”

Expansion of a moment

#writeclub #napowrimo cheers to Kizzy @ writeclub for providing the prompt Like the colours of the morning sun it awakens, telling its friends and neighbours gracefully that its time to get up hopping and dancing from tree to tree in its search for lunch looking in each flowers trumpet for yummy nectar

A thought on Flight

#Poetry #Flight #writeclub like a host of enthusiastic raindrops passing the window with colour like an apple and pear racing to reach the grass below like that fruit falling into a copper pan and resting on a pie crust like a host of travelling blossoms moved along by the wind like a worm dropping fromContinue reading “A thought on Flight”

slow down

#writephoto With the petrol heads ignoring the policeman’s signs to take their foot off the accelerator Mother Nature decided to intervene What’s the rush ? she asked by the roadside spreading a bit of colour in the grass by the tarmac The seeds took their time and eventually, after the clouds gave them a drinkContinue reading “slow down”

The visitor

#birds #summer He landed last night having visited someplace sunny having spotted the green and blues and pinks he decided to stay around for a while The locals were friendly advising on spots over the fence where for a little bit of effort you could get a really good feed You could find a spaContinue reading “The visitor”

Through the Garden Gate II

#Promptuarium wondering over terracotta tiles passing scents of geraniums and delphinums trees of deciduous and conifer lining the way till you reach the wooden door not as you think – the end of the walk merely the beginning – as a path twists and turns passing through woodland and flowery borders sounds of birdsong andContinue reading “Through the Garden Gate II”

Through the garden gate

#promptuarium #garden #gate There’s a whole world ahead of you when your legs and toes are only little navigating the blanket surrounded by a sea of green and colourful edible flowers it seems like a great adventure but as you grow – those big things beyond the blanket seem smaller than they were and youContinue reading “Through the garden gate”