Freedom of Expression Poetry


#freedomofexpression #revival

Returning for three nights…to the place of their youth

Excited parents gather round to enjoy a performance

Vitalised for a new audience

If you looked at the script…it hasn’t changed much

Versatile young things star with masters of their craft

As seasoned fans of the drama sit with brand new groupies

Like it or loathe it….you’ll go just to see if it was good as the last time

Acrostic Freedom of Expression


#fowc #bubble

Bath times they appear

up from the water churned up by the tap

bathroom ducks smiling as they

bobble up and down on the foamy bubbles

looking at one – is like looking at a rainbow on the water

except , unlike a rainbow – these disappear – far too soon

Art Arts Freedom of Expression Poetry writing


#freedomofexpression #iscriblr

painting of a harbour on an island. Crete. source: Brian F Kirkham


reality is – its your own

expression – you can do it through

a range of forms – music, dance, photography, or art

the choice is really down to you

if you want to make something – do it

versatility is the name of the game

indeed, what you make could be read, listened to, watched or eaten

there’s a host of things you could do to showcase your talent

you never know, if you don’t give it a try

Family Freedom of Expression


16th June 2019

A piece for fathers day by inky

For years he’s been there
as someone to look up to
there’s plenty he’s taught you and
he’s there for you every time you need him
every time he sees you – it makes you smile
reality is – he’s the tops!

Dreams Freedom of Expression Poetry


#freedomofexpression #Dream

Dreams – they form your life’s ambition

Resting as you do on your quilts position

Even as the darkness falls

A wonderous formation of thought does call

Maybe your dreams may all come true

Some require effort – that’s down to you

Art Colours Freedom of Expression Garden

Getting Arty

#Freedomofexpression #Art

A response to the latest challenge from Iscriblrs Freedom of expression series

(and yes – I will be getting arty with his one!)

A Garden image with red and blue flowers.  Sandstone Sundial at its heart.
A piece of Acetate Art by Inky – “Garden (Sundial)

A pencil and paper – the start of the process

Composing where the individual flowers went

Encapsulating the sandstone sundial at its heart

Transferred to hardened plastic

And painted in translucent paint

The final result ? A stained window without glass –


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Cooking Freedom of Expression Poetry


#Patience #Freedomofexpression

Perhaps it’s a special gift

Angels have tonnes of the stuff – apparently

Time stored away – to be

Instantly used in that one

Exceptional moment –

Note the handywork in the

Craftsmanship –

expertly laid on the coconut sponge – that takes patience.

Acrostic Freedom of Expression Poetry


#fowc #gaffe

What was that you just said ?

Hell’s just opened up under your feet

Over what’s just been blurted

Out during the canapes

Perhaps consumption of the champers

Should be minimised – and keep a reserved silence

Freedom of Expression Poetry Weather


A Cloud Crying ?

As each drop rises from lakes

A new one falls from clouds

Aqueous Attacks
onto ground below

A pattern appears in
an impromptu birdbath

A thousand crowns created
in duck ponds and birdbaths

A series of circles appear
as the raindrops vanish

Acrostic Freedom of Expression Seaside



Many a happy time

Enjoyed on the shoreline

Munching away at the contents

Of a well prepared picnic basket

Roast chicken sandwiches and strawberry tarts

Iced buns and banana pudding….

Eaten on a camp blanket, by a rocky shelter

Somewhere where the sardines are safe from the local seagulls

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