Muddy Footprints

#CYW #Brown #Wet #Mud #Footprints #Camping Camping out in the wilds, has its disadvantages As the weather can be particularly nasty Making your way across the field to the washroom as Persistant little raindrops land on your head If you gave it some thought – you would have moved the tent Now everyone will knowContinue reading “Muddy Footprints”

Frozen Flowers

Salford, 25th May 2016 Location : Brain and Spinal Injury Centre – Salford In today’s photography workshop, we’ve been working with flower heads, captured in trays of Ice.  We photographed the Ice over time , with close up shots and as the ice changed, the subject matter changed too. The green coloured cloth was set outContinue reading “Frozen Flowers”

Caught out in the Rain

I was having a brilliant day, till you told me to make my way “Out you go!” you cheerfully chirped And then I found, I’d been usurped My favourite spot on the sofa/settee had been taken by those darn budgies. I was fine just watching, by window sill and all was great – that wasContinue reading “Caught out in the Rain”