Poetry Sea Seaside

Coming in


blue water beckons

you to come to the place where

sand and sea meet up

impishly playing

a game of tag with your toes

and leaving just as fast

Little waves bobbing

up and down in evening relay

Big wave is coming

Take heed of warnings

Big wave likes making a splash

note – you will get wet

Acrostic Outdoor Pursuits Outdoors Poetry Weather


#writephoto #storm

Somethings Brewing…..(Photo prompt from Sue Vincent)

#beyondthestorm #writephoto

Something told you it wasn’t going to be a

Terrific idea to venture onto the hills today, but

Of course you were out voted – as you and your pals

Rambled up the public footpath, seeking out paradise –

Maybe you could discuss what you found in that shelter – Atop the hill

Acrostic Colours Poetry

Muddy Footprints

#CYW #Brown #Wet #Mud #Footprints #Camping

Footprints on wet mud

Camping out in the wilds, has its disadvantages

As the weather can be particularly nasty

Making your way across the field to the washroom as

Persistant little raindrops land on your head

If you gave it some thought – you would have moved the tent

Now everyone will know who disturbed their sleep – as you’re

Going to leave a trail – right up to your tent!

Photography Poetry Weather


#rain #clouds #weather #waterimage.jpg

rivers of water fall from sky

clouds have had falling out again

droplets of water cling to glass

not wanting to drop into sewers

fighting gravity to stop imminent splashes

Character Outdoors Parks Poetry


Toadstools, growing by a tree on Salford Quays (Image: Brian F Kirkham)

a late night poem, rewritten from my notebooks – enjoy.


In cold damp and dark

out in the park

a small brown toadstool

sits hiding in the grass

shy and retiring

not best in its class

sheltered by reeds, in the wind and rain

camouflauged by the grass

drinking slowly from the drain

Acrostic Water Weather

Raindrops II

Creative clouds

In the sky, create

Round, watery artworks on the

Roadside edge, forming little lakes

Umbrellas and wellingtons at the ready

Something wet has made a splash.

BASIC Flowers Freedom of Expression Nature Photography

Frozen Flowers

Salford, 25th May 2016

Location : Brain and Spinal Injury Centre – Salford

Frozen in time, a Flower head in ice ((c) Brian F Kirkham, May 2016)

In today’s photography workshop, we’ve been working with flower heads, captured in trays of Ice.  We photographed the Ice over time , with close up shots and as the ice changed, the subject matter changed too.

Set of six – (c) Brian F Kirkham, May 2016

The green coloured cloth was set out to keep the table dry – but it added some interesting textures to the photograph.

The Ice allowed us to do some really good close up work, and as it melted – we achieved some really good effects with our cameras.

Frozen Flower (c) Brian F Kirkham, May 2016

Getting close up to the subject matter in the ice captured the bubbles in the ice as well as the details in the flowers.  I enjoyed taking the above pic because of the colours in the flower, the detail of the flower and the bubbles in the ice.

Frozen Leaf – (c) Brian F Kirkham, May 2016
Iced (Bubbles) – Brian F Kirkham May 2016
Animals Cats Poetry

Caught out in the Rain


I was having a brilliant day,
till you told me to make my way
“Out you go!” you cheerfully chirped
And then I found, I’d been usurped

My favourite spot on the sofa/settee
had been taken by those darn budgies.
I was fine just watching, by window sill
and all was great – that was until

Great gloomy clouds they gathered ahead,
and I wanted in and off to my bed.
But birds they kept flying – and so you see
I’ve just got wet – as I waited for Tea.

And so I sit waiting, pawing at door
you wander why my face is as sad as before
My fur is all soggy – from the water in th’drain
Please don’t let me be caught out again!