Salford 12th June 2018

Cognitive act

of great effort

noting and transferring the idea and vision

carefully to canvas using colourful media

equal care given to the objects around the main subject

not forgetting the sun or the sky

taking attention to each shade of blue transferred

reality is – there’s plenty of them

as they’re placed around the brilliant red shape of the sail

the picture begins to form on the canvas

in the end – its a picture the painter can be proud of

of course, it’s taken considerable time and attention to detail

not forgetting an awful lot of patience.


Another acrostic by Inkdrop – in response to the daily post prompt


Ladybird pic – created by inkdrop in painter – from original black & white source at


Man’s ability to miss the

Incredible detail of the world around them is legendary.

Nature can be seen all around us – even from

Underneath a glass tumbler.

Till you see it – you won’t appreciate what you see with your own

Eye, but when you do – you’ll tell everybody about the red spotted Ladybird on the Ledge

Frozen Flowers

Salford, 25th May 2016

Location : Brain and Spinal Injury Centre – Salford

Frozen in time, a Flower head in ice ((c) Brian F Kirkham, May 2016)

In today’s photography workshop, we’ve been working with flower heads, captured in trays of Ice.  We photographed the Ice over time , with close up shots and as the ice changed, the subject matter changed too.

Set of six – (c) Brian F Kirkham, May 2016

The green coloured cloth was set out to keep the table dry – but it added some interesting textures to the photograph.

The Ice allowed us to do some really good close up work, and as it melted – we achieved some really good effects with our cameras.

Frozen Flower (c) Brian F Kirkham, May 2016

Getting close up to the subject matter in the ice captured the bubbles in the ice as well as the details in the flowers.  I enjoyed taking the above pic because of the colours in the flower, the detail of the flower and the bubbles in the ice.

Frozen Leaf – (c) Brian F Kirkham, May 2016
Iced (Bubbles) – Brian F Kirkham May 2016