How do you live with yourself

#writeclub #napowrimo

an early one, written in the wee small hours in the morning

with thanks to EM Williams @ writeclub for the prompt

How do i live with myself ?

Its tricky

My shadow blends in to the

Sudden darkness of night, only appearing in

Exceptional circumstances

Like when the bedroom light is on

Full beam

Reflections in the water

skip as circles gravitate out of the water in the sink

and my mirror like self – disappears

in a mist of steam and soap suds

Good Lord ! is that me ?

some things shouldn’t be seen without breakfast

Getting dressed

all fingers and thumbs

and i’m pondering should i put velcro

on the seams where buttons go through the loop

that’d be far too easy

wait a minute now – as i look down

searching for the holes in my belt and brogues

Keys, Wallet, Watch , Phone

sat attentive by the sideboard

or are they ? – they’ve developed legs

and landed where i dropped them the night before (By the laptop)

Published by inkdropk

Born and Bred in Salford, England - I live a short distance from Old Trafford - Home to Manchester United Football Club. I volunteer at Sale Harriers athletic club and at Imperial War Museum North - where i help as a guide to visitors in the galleries. A blogger, photographer, volunteer and occasional writer.

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