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  • Follow Your Heart

    #Napowrimo #Writeclub With a Nod to Leanne @ Writeclub for the prompt! I What makes you Want to get up in the morning? Warming you up With a get up and go ? Well ? II Logic might tell you your current course of action is paying the bills but at the end of the […]

  • Kit


    #fowc #kit All the pieces you need for your little engineering project are right here…all you need is the instructions and of course – screwdriver most of the parts clip into place so soon you’ll be watching your little creation learning its way around your floor space just make sure the pieces are in the […]

  • The Moon, Sky, Stars and Sea

    The Moon, Sky, Stars and Sea

    Salford 27th April 2020 #Napowrimo #writeclub #Dreams #Metaphor The moon is a bright shiny Ten Pence piece The sky is a furry dark blanket The stars are little sequins reflecting on that blanket The sea is a vast mirror, reflecting whats above The Moon is a beacon for space travelling mice The sky is the […]

  • Cash

    #Fowc #Cash I remember as a kid collecting the copper coins in an old tea caddy Ten penny chocolate drops your average spend for a little lads pocket sweets switched for comic books saving enamel for copper and a weeks reading funnies Hello Mister Twenty Pence Farewell Mr Pound Note Miss Shiny Pound has Arrived […]

  • Magic


    7th January 2019 #promptuarium I’ve been doing the six word stories over Christmas…this piece is inspired by one The tree may be gone for another year and the decorations might be back in the box but around and about the house there’s enough pixie dust in the air to bring a smile to a little […]

  • Disappointment

    Disappointment Dejection in the content of the students envelope as predicted grades vs positive results hadn’t panned out as they thought on the whole though – they didn’t fail If they head for the the sixth-form – they’ll probably pass Next time.  dreams of higher things will have to wait Till next time Maybe a […]

  • Hidden Away

    Bury By the line of palm trees Under the golden sands of an island paradise Riches beyond compare lie hidden You might never find them – they’ve been hidden away!

  • immerse yourself

    Immerse Salford, 11th July 2017 when taking an interest in a subject, it pays to get the most of the subject matter. Do your research, but don’t restrict yourself to a library 📚 books are great, however if you can see an item relating to your interest….it makes your interest  solid..  tangible. Its  probably why I […]

  • Purple Mountains

    Purple Mountains

    There’s something almost magical  about the Lake water here at sunset

  • On the record

    Record Old box files a tale of someone’s life diaries , holding memories from long ago photos of holidays from far off places sitting next to journals of journeys gone by memories frozen in a moment time captured in an object the cv…course of life ?…doesn’t come close as you open the lid, and moments […]