Perfect for any occasion

#Napowrimo #food

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Pick me up on your way to work

Pick me up for your lunch

Pick me up on a stop on the road

Pick up for some brunch

Available at Night or Day

you’ll find me by any major highway

serving you vegetables meat or fish

in a quick and very handy dish

I come in a box with easy-open lids

and i’m perfect to handle for the kids

my sides are low fat, and healthy of course

and my fries come with any number of sauce

So Meeting, Date or Birthday Tea

There’s always a perfect time for me

Whether a need, work, rest or play

I’m here off the roadside – any time of the day

Published by inkdropk

Born and Bred in Salford, England - I live a short distance from Old Trafford - Home to Manchester United Football Club. I volunteer at Sale Harriers athletic club and at Imperial War Museum North - where i help as a guide to visitors in the galleries. A blogger, photographer, volunteer and occasional writer.

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