Monday 30th December 2019 Sat up in the gods, or in the stalls enjoying the vibe of the tunes nailing together the storyline and sewing up all the loose threads as you watch the actors tell the tale, you tap away in rhythm with the cast it wont be long till you join in withContinue reading “Musical”

Four Calling Birds

Salford, 28th December 2019 #Birds #2019 #Christmas A couple of days into the Christmas season I thought the birds had all gone somewhere sunny I would have joined them (if I had the money) but who should arrive on a Saturday morn feathers all winded, ruffled and torn ??? Sat on the nest resting onContinue reading “Four Calling Birds”

Bubble and Squeak

#fowc #food #christmas #leftovers Salford, 26th December 2019 By the time the pans were in the sink undertakings of the Christmas leftovers were being sorted out bird of the day stripped down to its carcass and boxed up – and placed in the refridgerator like the vegetables left behind from the feast everyone knew whatContinue reading “Bubble and Squeak”

Desert Sand

#CYW #Desert #Sand Drifting in over land and sea enveloping everything it passes sand from the sahara travels on the wind easily passing over land and sea resting on roofs, cars and even plants the succulents smile – they’ve seen this before Soil looking more like blackpool than old trafford as grains land on theContinue reading “Desert Sand”


#fowc #detective 18th December 2019 Do you know who did it ? Even as you look around the house for clues The person or persons behind the act are Eating the evidence! Crumbs of chocolate covered cookies Tumbled to the ground , travel In a trail – leading to some Very crafty little individuals ExpectContinue reading “Detective”