Caught (in the fog)

Salford, 19th January 2020 #weather #fog Christmas and New Year is over, but winters still here A patchwork of heavy cloud, lies low – hiding church spires Until it lifts – it’s difficult to get anywhere Gravitating over roads and field alike Hard to make out the silhouettes in the Pea Soup The landmarks fizzleContinue reading “Caught (in the fog)”


#SoCS #Scrooge So looking back, How was your Christmas ? Counting the savings from making the kids wait till Boxing day for their treat Roast Chicken and less vegetables than usual Of course, you can defend yourself by saying you’re “Economical” – but Oranges are meant to be eaten, they’re not just a table decoration.Continue reading “Scrooge”

Movie Title Challenge SOCS

#Socs #Overtheedge It’s not easy being a marble they may say you’re made of hard stuff but you still have a glass heart and with artistic colours running through you you can be a sensitive soul cobbled together with your mates as each players dobber tries to smash you out of the safety of theContinue reading “Movie Title Challenge SOCS”