Acrostic, Poetry

#fowc #Inherit

It’s that time in your life

noting the change – you’ve had the keys but now

hold the deeds – you own the whole thing

expectations , all down to you

running the show the way you want it

it’s yours – so take care of it

the bills are all in your name


Colours, Food, Poetry

#CYW #Coloryourworld #Asparagus

A piece by inky with a little bit of art…..

popping up out of the ground…..(created by Inky from a Wikipedia image)

The woody stalk

popped up from the earthy soil

and began a race

Seven other green spears

headed headlong to the sun

as the flowers watched

Prize to the Victor?

they’re Basted in Butter,

On Silver Salvers



#Fowc #Percent

Looking at the hundred

it’s hard to think

keeping the whole of them together

even if you wanted to

loss of support ?

you’re looking at a fifth – or twenty percent



4th June 2019

Some say its blue,

Some say its green

Whilst some say it’s some place in between

Colour that appears

on a sunny, sandy beach

Where it laps on the sand so you know it’s in reach

And held in a stone – you’ll find it in rings

Strange are the reaction from recipient it brings

circled by diamonds – the prettiest of things

Its supposed to symbolise courage

this bright coloured birthstone for march

hiding in mines down below – the ones with a very big arch.

What’s Awesome?


#Fowc #Awesome

Salford 4th June 2019

If this reads a bit like a list – It’s not supposed to be!

Rainbow list of all my stuff that makes my life awesome!

Things I’ve done, Places I’ve seen

Being a cog as part of a much larger machine

Taking up writing as self – therapy

Helping out run some great events for free

Colourful Image of Imperial war museum in Old Trafford, Greater Manchester
Imperial war museum , Greater Manchester (with a splash of colour)

Greeting students at the museum door

Laying down tiles of a competition floor

Greek acropolis, Rhodes
Artwork of Greek Acropolis, Rhodes

Rising to heights of an ancient scene

Keeping a log of the places I’ve been



#Cola #Bottle #Glass #Bubbles #Release #fizzy

A tale of cola, composed by inky. (Graphic by composer)

The bubbles have been sleeping

since they were forced to enter the bottle or can

kept at the bottom of the container

all they want to do is rise up

But with the flip of a ring pull

turn of a crimped bottle top

or plastic stopper

they make their move

Rising to the top

in a cascade of fizz

some racing to reach the ice cubes in