#Fowc #Amount I remember when i was little you could get a whole load of jelly beans for a single silver coin but as i got bigger while the rainbows remained the same that silver coin lost its sheen as the silver coin you handed over got you half the bag you got a yearContinue reading “Amount”


Salford. 26th March 2020 In the time’s of this nasty virus It’s very good to know Mother nature’s sent out a message and the birds have said hello For while we’ve been in isolation our friends with their wings have flown by to give us some pleasant distraction from the news that’s been catching ourContinue reading “Visitors”

Hot Magenta

#CYW #HotMagenta Its not what you’d call a subtle colour and it couldn’t be called pink or purple a fiery marriage where red meets blue but mother nature seems to like using their off spring to bring a bit of eye catching colour to the garden look around you’ll see it every where else tooContinue reading “Hot Magenta”


#fowc #suspense There’s an atmosphere growing around the opposition’s end at a Northern Football Team their captain scythed down the home team’s star striker and there were handbags approaching half time From uproar and arguments, its down to two men the man in red against the man in green man in green stands on theContinue reading “Suspense”