Little Bees

#Littlebees  #Beeinthecity

As well as the Large bees around manchester, as part of the Bee in the city art festival there have been some little bees, created by community and school groups.  Here’s a couple i’ve spotted.




Salford, 12th January 2019

Thoughts of her

Happen throughout the days of the week

It’s hard to concentrate when I’m

Next to this beauty , three days out of five

King of wishful thinking ? Maybe that’s me, but

I miss her when she’s away

Not here with me….have I

Gone crazy ? Or has Cupid’s arrow finally struck ?

In the kitchen

Cat Sleeping in a kitchen
the prompt

It’s not easy when you’re little
the obstacle course
of the family house
can be treacherous
at the best of times

And after you wake up from your bed
if your mum isn’t there
you wait for what seems like
another lifetime
for your owner to appear

So while i wait for breakfast
i’ll enjoy another catnap
with my catnip mouse
and ball of wool
in the corner of the kitchen

The Lookout

Salford 11th January 2019

The street looks empty

as the curtains opened

to another day

But up in the tree

opposite the house, someone

feathered is watching

Keeping an eye out

for the dropping of breadcrumbs

In a neighbours backyard


10th January 2019

Gingerbread Men, Captured by Inky

“I’m running from the Kitchen….”

he said as loud as he can

“….And this time you’ll never catch me

not this new Gingerbread man”

So dancing around the kitchen

he moved his fingers and thumbs

leaving a trail from tea tray to tree

consisting mostly of crumbs

And for a while he caused some havoc

as he dined on butties for lunch

the butties wi’ fish paste, left a gingery taste

as he munched and munched and munched

But our hero ended up in a pickle

as he began eating up the swiss log

he went into a dose and he attracted a nose

so ended up in the family dog!

Pea Soup

10th January 2019

I could say mother natures been cooking,

but she’s obscured my view

I can barely see, what’s in front of me

never mind a metre or two

And the pea soup – its a moving

as it follows the warmth of the ground

its making pretty whirls and swirls

as it moves around

And its not easy when your commuting

from museum to back to home

as the fog falls on down, it makes you frown

as you might just be looking through foam!

In their finest

Salford, 9th January 2019

On a Sunday morning,

In the bright sunshine

You’ll see them all

In their finest

Taking a walk

With husband or wife

Along with the children,

Escaping the strife

No work for the blacksmith

The shops are all closed

They’ve all been to church

So a walk is proposed

And while making their way

To the local town fair

Some humbugs and sweets

The family will share

As mum and dad rest

In their boaters and hats

The children play games

With the balls and their bats

Greek Temple

A Memory of a Greek Holiday to Rhodes

Enjoy the view – I went up quite a few steps to get this drawing

Temple to Apollo – Captured in Camera and Painted in Painnt