In Hiding


#fffc #sheep #farm #hidenseek

Salford, 15th July 2019

The Sheep-pen was empty,

They’d gone on an amble

farm staff perplexed

for miles they ramble

For they went through the

wheat fields, the potatoes and corn

and not a trace of a sign

just bracken and thorns

but beyond the cornfields

hiding away

were all of the sheep

happy at play

So they left out the feed

a favourite of the sheep

in the hope they’d return

for the reward they would reap

Things that come from clouds


Blue skies

Ripples on the water

Interspersed skies, with white fluffy clouds

Lovely formations to play with the imagination

Looking like candyfloss or even Marshmallow

Instant cover from the fierce sun

And when depositing past sunbeams – colour

Notice their change from winter to summer

They’re much happier in summer, and we’re less wet!



#fowc #kingpin

Keeping the wheels moving

In perpetual motion

Noted for the way he or she

Gets others to work and

Perform for the team

Invisible – but still in plain sight

Navigating the way the work goes



#Fowc #Firewall #Democracy #Censorship

9th July 2019

Hey, Hey – It’s great today

Out over the internet, they all want to play

but people you voted in charge – want control

so some kit on the servers been given a role

over what can be posted – what’s right and what’s wrong

network users wailing a very sad song

Campaigners have to take care – what to say or write, as

Hot water awaits articles that governance bites

Of course, if the person who checks it approves

Instantly, the article will be on prime time news,

Cheered on by the people – who threw up the wall

Exception – the people affected by an article’s fall

The Rebel

Poetry, Schooldays

#Fowc #Rebel

Salford, 6th July 2019

the one everyone remembered at school

not breaking the rules, just bending them

wearing skirts just above regulation

and turning up just in time avoiding detention

her fellow classmates – adored her act

popularity in the school yard ? – an absolute fact

but the lad in the library – reading his books

was the one she was after – if only he looked.