Rising Up

Written for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge. Photo credit: Tanya Grant. The trees started off small Tiny compared to their parents The saplings sleeping in their bed of soil The animals that lived there Shared the spoils, feeding the tree while eating the fruit And slowly the trees headed for the sky and from the tops littleContinue reading “Rising Up”


#WDYS Written for Sadje’s What Do You See prompt. Photo credit: Amine M’Siouri @ Pexels. Staring back at me – someone i know Only different Me – but Mirrored Enjoying a view of myself perhaps? On the other side of the glass he looks No one else behind or in front… Except from my view – everythingContinue reading “Reflection”

Internet Caff

#FFFC #Internet #Cafe #Food Who needs broadband at home, when you can work away from the office and enjoy hot food and drink in a place of your choosing? Presentations always go down well with a peppermint mocha and praline pastry Group discussions are great with the Exclusion of the office pastry

Hats and Caps

#Socs #Hats I’ve always had a thing for a hat it began quite simply as a kid when i wore a bobble hat in winter to keep out the cold Different Colours different patterns different fabrics different decoration Events up and down the land picked up the fashion purloining something decidedly northern as something forContinue reading “Hats and Caps”

In the beginning….

#writeclub #garden It started as a plot of land owned by a farmer – who used it as fodder for his cows and sheep in the wintertime Fencing went up as the cows and sheep moved into another field and a “For sale” Sign rose up Nearby cottage owners clubbed together and as the farmerContinue reading “In the beginning….”