Northern Lights

#Stars #Constellation #Astronomy

Nature’s spectacular 
Casting its electrical colours
Through the night
Over northern skies
Through the air colours leap
As many of us are fast asleep

Challenge 30 – No2

#Challenge30 #Photography

Things in 3

Three Snowglobes

A shelf with a host of miniature objects. At the Front – Three Snowglobes

The First – a Winnie the Pooh Snowscene….

The Second – a Windmill Snowglobe from the Island Rhodes

The Third – a Snowglobe from the Sea Life Centre, Manchester

It didn’t matter if it didn’t snow this Christmas – these provided the snow to order!

Challenge 30 – No1

#Photography #Challenges

“Fill the Frame with Colour”

21st January 2019

I’ve decided to undertake a challenge i did last year

30 photographs all on an individual theme

So here’s No1 – Filling the Frame with Colour

Wishing for Spring

19th January 2019

The Irony of three birds

sitting in the Salford Wind

on a January Morning

by Solar panels on a roof

just as the clouds

begin to fall

Polar Bear

Cousin of the bruin, brown
A hard bear to see around
Maybe because your fur like snow
Of where you are its hard to know
Unless its warmer on the top
For days you’ll walk where the ice drops
Looking around for a friend
A bear like you – you can depend
Greeting you warmly with a hug
Encapsulating you like a bug in a rug

Sparrows II

17th January 2019


Scattered food lying on the tarmac, brings them here

Preening themselves in the fallen

Aqua that you and I call rain

Reactions to the feast, vary from

Roars of delight to sunflower seeds to

Overall disappointment …. small grains again ?

When the back door opens and the treasures

Spread across the ground, far and wide

Pots of jam

16th January 2019

While men and women make promises

of jam tomorrow

many in the kitchen are cooking down the soft fruit

and sugar today

not forgetting the stuff that makes it set

as the mixture

nicely forms its

dropped into glass jars – and left to set

Many enjoy the taste of it,

even the youngsters

now, at last, there is something that people agree on

Meet and Greet

Salford 15th January

The sun hasn’t risen yet,

Darkness fills the skies

And yet, I’m up with the sound

Of the rolling traffic and yelping dogs

For soon, on arrival

Young minds eager to learn

Will land by the place,

I call my second home

And for a short space of time

They’ll listen to a tale

Before venturing out into the space

Like wondering timelords

Taking in tales

From around the world

Of conflict and peace

From Britain to Greece

And I’ll be there for a while

With occasional smile

To guide them and show

The places to go

Looking : A Found Poem

#Love #Romance #Poetry

Salford 14th January 2019

another found poem by me via Spike Milligans Box 18

I’ve stopped looking for that diamond

that brightens up my day

the beauty of your eyes

still capture me in the evening light

as we pass each other by

and memories of walking through the daisy patch

still return – fresh in the mind