Antique Brass


#Coloryourworld #Cyw #AntiqueBrass

It shines as the sunlight

bounces merrily off it

if you didn’t know it’s proper age

you couldn’t tell from looking

The glass reflects its maturity

in yellow haze reflected in the light

honeybees are attracted to it

mistaking it for a fresh flower

The tale held in the metal

hides the secret of its proper age

but take hammerite to ‘protect’ this precious art

would be like adding colour to the mona lisa



#CYW #Coloryourworld #Almond #Inkdropk

A nut , of recognisable shape

Liked by tree squirrels and humans alike

Maybe not the most easy of nuts to crack

On occasion – Nutcrackers may be required

Noted as the principal in marzipan

Definately essential in any christmas cake



#fowc #meanwhile

13th May 2019

a tale of observation on uk politicians

Major events

expected to take an interesting turn

as people supposedly

navigating the course of events

wave, ironically away from home to a

home away from the place they were and

into a spot – they originally said – they’d

like to be away from




Salford, 11th May 2019

#fowc #base

It’s where you start

and where you aim to get back to

after you’ve hit the ball

an awful long way

Speeding like a roadrunner

around the square

as the opposing team

try to catch you out



#freedomofexpression #poetry #photography


Picture this –
Happy smiling faces
On golden sands
Taken by a proud parent
On the family holiday
Grandad and Grandma sitting
Right alongside their grandkids,
As they enjoy an Ice cream in
Perfect summer weather
Holidays captured perfectly.


Positioned in the right place

Hot off the press

On the morning after the story broke

The Images – quite damaging

On the whole

Government Whip

Returning from holidays – has

Answering to do about his antics

Photographic imagery – damning – landing him in

Hot Water