Through a Lens


This weeks photography class at BASIC in Salford, involved taking photographs through an object.  The scenes were placed behind a Glass Ball and the pictures were shot through the ball.



The images obscured depending on the angle of the shots taken.  The Miniature image captured through the sphere a copy of the picture behind it.


Scenes Captured in a Ball – The technique produced some lovely effects


The idea was you didn’t concentrate on the image behind it – just the image in the ball!

The session produced some great pictures, and i really enjoyed creating the images i did with my camera.

Chocolate Cake

Following on from my post on Lemon Meringue Pie, Here’s a recipe for a Chocolate Cake.


For this cake : You will Need

2lb of Flour

2lb of Sugar

1lb of Butter

3 heaped teaspoons of Baking Powder

Cocoa Powder and /or Chocolate



Mix flour and the butter together, and then the sugar and the baking powder

then Stir in the Cocoa and/or fresh chocolate to the mix

Once mixed together – place in a greased tin and put in a warm oven for 1 hour

After baking let stand, and decorate to your choosing.


I must go down to the sea….

In response to the daily post challenge –

Quote Me

Sailboats, Ontario Basin, Salford Quays (BFK 2016)

I must go down to the sea again

the lonely sea and sky

I left my socks and shoes there

I Wonder if they’re dry ?

I Must Go Down To The Sea Again Poem by Spike MilliganSpike Milligan created this poem from an original piece called “Sea Fever” by John Masefield.  “Sea Fever” is all about being out at sea.  Whereas Spike’s take on the poem brings memories of playing on the Northern seafront at Blackpool or Morecambe, when we used to go to the seaside at weekends.


I was fortunate to actually go on an Ocean going craft when in 1996 – just after I graduated with an HND from Manchester Metropolitan University – as a member of the crew of the Greater Manchester Challenge (pictured) that year. We travelled around the Irish sea – starting at the North wales port of Port Dinorwic and visiting the Isle of Man and Northern Ireland before landing back in North Wales at Holyhead.  In total the crew of seven travelled 253 Nautical Miles and crossed the seas in a Maximum wind of Force 7.

When Life gives you lemons…make a pie

In response to the challenge Pie

Yes they’re sour – but they’re still a fruit.

and there is nothing more refreshing  than a Lemon Meringue Pie.


The colour of the filling practically sings of a summer day.

So, you prepare your pie dish – I have been told there’s a cheats way of making this.  But its awfully risky – where you make up a cheesecake base from digestive biscuits  and mould it to the tin.  I suggest using your regular shortcake pastry – Blind Baked.  The walls of the pie have to be pretty sturdy, or the wet lemon filling will ooze out before its had time to set properly.

Squeeze your lemons, into a bowl – add some sugar and gelatine – And finally some lemon zest.  Cook it down till the ingredients have come together and then set aside

Check your pie crust – take it out of the pie dish and place on a large plate – then fill the pie with your lemon filling.  If you wish – you may want to layer the base with lemon curd – but its not necessary, its optional – place the pie in a cold part of the refrigerator and leave until the lemon filling has set in the piecrust.  It should be set like jelly in the case.

Then make up your meringue – egg whites and sugar – mix in a bowl until the egg whites have taken up all the sugar. The Meringue should be opaque.  Take your pie out of the fridge and cover the lemon filling with the meringue . You can pipe this out with a piping bag or place the meringue on top with a large spoon.  Once covered place back in the oven under the grill and wait until the meringue begins to brown

Leave to cool in a dry area. and then – when the pie is cooled…

Slice up liberally and serve with either cream or ice-cream, and enjoy!

Back to Square One

Imagine that:

A World without blogs

No computers, no world wide webs, No Ethernet or Internet.

Maybe even No Mobile Phones….

Everyone going “Off Grid”

School would have to go back to handing out exercise books – Using Paper and Pen.  They would have to have special classes in basic communication – as every child in the land tries to speak in their native tongue – and not textspeak.

Then there’s writing.  instead of the web, we would have to return to Books – No e-books, they’ve gone the way of the web.  The Textspeakers would have to adjust.  I mean, there’s no buttons to press, no shortened form – for heaven’s sake there’s characters…words..and Vowel’s…too much for the text speak generation to take in at once.

Dickens, Orwell, Milne and Kipling are all turning in their graves at that stark piece of information as you read it.

And as for actually talking to one another…that hurdle is a whole new cookie to crumble.  The return of playground communication.  Games played in the schoolyard.  Jokes shared between friends.

Conversation, Shared Speech, Laughter travelling across a courtyard, Understanding and even Happiness and love.

All returning down to a break in silence brought from a breakdown in technology.

Is this Paradise? That’s your choice.

Arts and Crafts

As you know, if you’ve followed this blog – I’ve been going to the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre in Salford to aid my recovery.

As part of this I’ve engaged in Photography and Arts Classes run by the local College at the centre.

The photography class still continues – despite a change in provision at the centre – and its allowed me to run free with my new digital camera – its a bridge camera from Sony – and does a great job for what I want it to do


You may have seen one or two of these before – liberally dropped around the stories on my blog, covering themes of Christmas to the Outdoors.

A Blog Award – The Liebster


I’m over the moon to read, that one of my readers has decided to Nominate me for an Award

(gets the Kleenex tissues out – If only i’d written a speech…)

So, without further-a-do – a big Lancastrian “Thank You, Luv!” goes out to Libby Vine for nominating me!  I’m just glad someone out there is reading my humble little scribbles on the world wide web.

  1. What city/town do you currently live in? – Salford, Lancashire, UK – Manchester’s Sister City
  2. What book are you currently reading? – So Many on the shelf – but if I had to pick one – Terry Pratchett’s Final Novel – The shepherds crown
  3. Who is your greatest living hero and why?
  4. How many books do you hope to read this year? – Five
  5. Where would you like to go on vacation? – Greece
  6. Which is your favorite children’s book character? Winnie-the-pooh, because for a bear of very little brain – he isn’t half clever!
  7. Do you read paper books or e-reader? – Both
  8. Where do you like to read? – In my Room or out in the Garden
  9. Please recommend your favorite book you read last year in 2015 – War Horse / Farm Boy – two books, one theme – brilliant work by Michael Morpurgo
  10. Why should readers follow your blog? – to read some of my humble scribbles, they’re like apple pies – one isn’t enough!
10 Questions to be Answered
1. What’s the name of your favourite Cartoon Character ?
2. How do you read your books mostly ?
3. What’s your Favourite Film Adaptation?
4. What Book did you read Last – and where did you read it ?
5. I listen to Audiobooks – Do You ? If so – Mention your Favourite
6. Hardback , Paperback, E-Reader, Web – What’s your Choice
7. Three things you always take on holiday – Name them
8. Pick a character from your favourite book – why them ?
9. Deckchair, Settee, Chair – What’s your Preference
10.  Of all the books you’ve read which is your “Must go back to” and Why?
 My 10 Nominees
2. Geethap2007
3. TrevJones
4. Ajoobacats
5. Dailymusing57
6. Passionatelybored
7. Athling2001
8. AbbieLu
9. Asnapshot
10. John White


The Dragon’s Egg

Another tale from the pages of written by me – Enjoy the read

Some workers were digging

up pipes underground,

when a very large coloured egg

in the sand it was found.

Now, the foreman of th’ site

didn’t know what to do,

so he called up some keepers

from th’ local zoo.

The egg.. it was green,

and blue, brown and red,

and was lain in the ground

deep down in a bed.

A bed of red sand,

of twigs and of clays –

it looked as if th’egg

had been there for days.

Said the worker to foreman –

“where’d it come from?” ,  Said the Foreman – “Dunno!?!”

And just then the egg

it began to glow.

So the keepers arrived,

with their boss from the zoo,

with a team to see if

there was summat they could do.

“it could be a snake” – the zoo boss replied.

Some big builders turned – and ran off to hide!

As builders they gathered to mend their pride,

the keepers could hear a noise from inside…

The head keeper thought –

there was summat amiss,

as the egg it both glowed

and started to hiss.

The little creature inside,

was feeling awfully glum

as all that it wanted was its

Dad and its Mum

“No need for alarm!”, the zoo boss he said

“we need to give th’egg, some sort of bed

nothing to0 great and nothing so grand..”

so the builders brought over some big bags of sand.

So th’egg it was rested

in its warm sandy bed

just as two shadows

loomed overhead.

“Oh Heavens!” cried a builder

“Begorrah! Begad!

I think i’ve just seen

Th’ eggs Mum and Dad!”

Two big scaly dragons, one green and one blue,

over the heads of the people they flew.

The Head Keeper called for everyone’s calm –

he knew that the dragons, didn’t mean any harm.

And little egg it glowed brighter

as little dragon did peck

and Mum and Dad Dragon

landed on th’ deck

And Mummy Dragon landed,

as Dad flew over sky

as dragons egg it opened

and the contents it said “Hi!”

And Dragons’ smiled kindly

nodding thank you to the team.

They named their little lad “Burnie” –

who was their little red dream

They then made their Zoo friends happy,

as they watched three dragons at night

as Mum and Dad took little Burnie

Off on his first little flight.

And then, politely nodding

they said their thanks and goodbye.

As the dragon’s family headed

to their home up high in the sky!

Dragon’s Fire

A tale of a Dragon, written by me for a contest in


See that crack down on the ground ?
Quick – retreat – and don’t make a sound!
For underneath your step and leap,
a dragon lies – he’s fast asleep.

A rumble of traffic overhead
as he lies sleeping in his bed
dreaming of days long ago
flying over mountains covered in snow

Chasing the longboats of Viking hordes
taking trophies of shields and swords
with rumble of lorries – sometimes he wakes
and creates what the scholars calls – an earth quake

so careful where you step,

on that crack in the tiles
the dragons fire’s dormant…

(at least for a while!)