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Picking up Radio 3


They’re a funny thing!…with all those little gifts that they bring.
Head pressures, fireflies and aversion to sun
and that’s before they’ve even begun

I might have appreciated Kipling or Keats,
but instead, something musical its left as a treat.
A Clashing steel cymbal, a large kettle drum
A Brass section blaring out noises not hums

They’re playing a jam – as I try to sleep,
as night time moves slowly – the noise it just leaps
all as I try to rest my sore head
and hide under the pillows at the top of the bed

The band in my head – is jamming it loud
the horn sections blasting their flugelhorns proud
Never playing their sounds in the day
Preferring the night during sleep they will play.

But smile I will, as those horns they will jive
The sound of that music – means I’m still alive
Even though, it appears to me
My head’s stuck on Jazz Night on Radio 3

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Tale of a Kite

Running behind you – it catches the air,
Rising to the clouds without a care.
Colours reflect off its colourful tail
as through the air you watch it sail.
Turning and twisting as you move the line,
Your kite it does cartwheels – everything’s fine!
Turning in circles from east to the west
performing stunts that you think are the best.
But then the wind drops as you give it your all
and little birds take cover as your kite starts to fall.
The wind it slows down as it starts to stop
and your kite it falls gently – in a gradual drop
Landing by entrance – with its tail round the gates
You rescue it and head home – for your dinner plate.

Character Poetry Schooldays

The School Bag

A personalisation of a girls school bag – although to be truthful it could just as well been a lads bag!

Back in the day,
we were inseparable –
You and I

We sashayed down
chequered tile corridors
turning male heads

I held your books
and improved your looks
as you waited in a bus stop nook

You kept me polished – nice and clean
in attempts for you to be seen
whilst girls looked on with eyes – green

Monday to Friday – I went from thin to fat
as teachers gave classes in this and that
and you got work – to take home to your flat

But now you’re grown up – with a good job
We’re still together – you’re no snob
holding assignments – from work and not school
and workmates agree – together we’re cool!

Historical Home Memories Poetry

Walking down the streets i knew

Heading from the museum bridge
and past the Lowry
I’m heading for my little place
by the streets once known to me

Wharfside still contains its ‘houses
but cottons been traded by song
Sea Shanties ? No, but sounds of the day
that play out all day long

Ordsall Hall still stands proud
Off Trafford and Ordsall Lane
A stones throw away, from where kids play
and the site of a redundant crane

Some Public Houses stand adrift
whilst others cook a different whiff
As ghosts of past lick their lips
where once was beer – lies fish and chips

Towers tall on waters edge,
where posh folk sip coffee on their ledge
apartments now – the latest scene
like the ones they knocked down – it seems obscene.

High schools upped their sticks and left
as hotels they moved in
but new ones rose like the phoenix

as new term started therein

So remind me now – when you talk
of communities on Regent and Tamworth Walk
and Townhouses proud on Napier Green
With changes in city – no longer to be seen



Heavy Knight

heavy knight

A piece of poetry written by me – inspired by the photograph

The punk princess
Sat in the garden shed
Having had her shining knight
Drop her at the castle door
The portcullis closed
Night spent with sentry

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Autumn Seasons Time Weather

GMT (V.2)

The Clock is Ticking…

The summer is leaving, along with the tide

Wind changes course, as autumn arrives

Nights they seem Darker, as cold days draw near

The Moon, It shines brighter

as Midnight skies clear

The trees change their cover

as time changes course

and Mother nature paints leaves

red, brown and orange at source

as colours change scenery – and winter awaits

forest creatures prepare to hibernate

Autumn’s upon us – time has moved on

Winter is waiting – the Summer has gone

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Whilst out in Turkey, when I had the opportunity…I built a sandcastle or two…Now you might think I was being infantile – and that would be your free choice, but when all you have is the sand and the sea (and perhaps the odd turtle for company) there’s v. little you can do other than get your hands in the sand and build something.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES My building site for a few days

In honour of all those structures that fell to the waters of Oledeniz and Fetyihe I thought i’d pull out a favourite poem of mine Written by me on a similar shore

Basic sandcastles


By Brian F Kirkham

They stand tall against the tide

lined up, like a wall.

Crafted and built up on the beach,

about a foot tall.

Solid in Structure, and easy to make,

They stand tall and proud – not one of them breaks.

Until the time comes, and Sea reaches shore

and these Titans of Sand, crumble once and then more

as they keep taking water – they tumble to the sea

so its time to head home now and have fish for our tea!

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The Great British Write Off

A selection of works I’ve had work published in!

Apart from writing this blog, I also maintain a presence on the Poetry Site – and contribute work to contests run by Forward Poetry.

I’ve appeared in a number of publications printed out of these contests a selection is displayed above…In response to the mass appreciation to the Great British Bake Off on BBC TV – Writers were Invited to submit their entries to the Great British Write Off

You could write about anything – but pulling two threads together – I submitted my piece “Sandwiches” – It appeared on Page 8 of the final printed book.

The first “Great British Write Off”

for those who haven’t read it (really ?)  here’s where you’ll find it.–Sand-wiches-by-InkdropK

I’ve entered this years Great British Write Off , and took my inspiration from family holidays I used to take around the UK Coastline…and I’m pleased to report it too has been published…whether or not I win or not – i’ll find out in 2016.

but for those who cannot wait to read it 🙂

Holidays Nature Travel

The Lagoon Beach



There were two beaches within the apartments reach at Oludeniz,  My favourite one was the one known as the Lagoon.  This was a stretch of Beach around a nearby cove which was owned by the various hoteliers.  The Sand was wonderfully soft and the water in the Lagoon so clear you could make out the shoals of fish running about in it.  A Key thing though – it was vast.  In places the hotels were using parts of it for watercraft.  What surprised me though was how the Local wildlife mingled quite happily with the sun worshippers.

Ducks , Swans and Bluebirds pottered their way around the sunloungers whilst the odd lizard played peek-a-boo from the tops of nearby trees…with me and my half-way aquaphobia – they put me at ease. And I even raised a smile when the big fishes circled round my cumbersome feet.  They gave me an Impetus to get back in the water…and enjoy it.

Holidays Poetry


Perhaps my eyes were

Engaged on the tasty dish in front of me

At first, but my eyes were

Concentrated on all the

Overall colours

Collected in feathered fans around the fountain

Kreativity in Nature’s hands – Certainly!