Apply as needed

Salford, 2nd May 2020


(based on washing gel instructions, but relayed to an infant)

Apply to hand, sponge or flannel

and massage into skin

turn it into froth on your

flannel or sponge but

don’t squirt it in the air,

or aim it at the walls

although its a nice colour

it’ll ruin the grouting – and lord knows

what your mum and dad will think if you

squirt it up on to the ceiling…..

don’t use it as a squirt gun at your little brother

it’ll just land you in a whole heap of mess….

never mind the flood you’ll leave on the floor….

and don’t forget to wash it all off!!!!

5 responses to “Apply as needed”

  1. ……and will they take any notice?

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    1. Ahhh……who knows peter….who knows 🙂

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  2. Trouble is, you gave them some excellent ideas! 😀💜

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  3. You are giving ideas 🙂 my grandson would have loved the idea. Take care, Regards

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    1. Thanks for taking a look Lakshmi. I try to put the best of my scribbles on the website – but there’s always one or two on my online repository on…you’ll find it at

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