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Looking for Rainbows

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Seven Wonders.”

“Looking for Rainbows in a Cloudless Sky”

A seven word Poem in response to the prompt

Here’s another one – with my Memory Workshop coming up this afternoon at BASIC –








History IWM North Museum Museums

A Walk through Time

I’ve been a volunteer at the Northern Branch of the Imperial War Museum in Trafford, Manchester since 2005.  I help out in two areas, in the Main Exhibition Space, and on the Ground Floor in a computer area called “Your History”

Airshard Impression

There is a timeline which directs visitors around the museum’s Main Exhibition Space.  It begins with a “Mini-Timeline” with eighteen various objects each relating to a particular point on the timeline itself.   As you walk round, you are introduced to the various events that led up to each conflict.  You also Pass a number of Silo Areas, which cover a particular subject to do with both world wars.  These cover soldiers experiences, through to the technologies used in warfare.  The Large objects include a T-54 tank from world war II and a Trebant Estate Car created in Post-war East Germany, and Action Stations explain the roles these items played during that time.

A Stalwart of the Russian Army in World War II - The T-34 was a powerful tank and had a Six man crew
A Stalwart of the Russian Army in World War II –
The T-34 was a powerful tank and had a Six man crew
The East German alternative to the VW
The East German alternative to the VW
Sport Volunteering

My Treasured Possessions

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Pride and Joy.”

This one is a bit of a tough question to ponder, over the years i’ve collected a number of certificates to do with either Education and Training – leading eventually to the award of a HND from Manchester Metropolitan University.  I went through the Graduation Ceremony and the picture for a time hung happily in the lounge in the family home.

but as much effort i put in – that wasn’t my most cherished possessions


Those would have to be the Medal and Certificate issued to me during Manchester’s Commonwealth Games (working in Technology) and the Relay Baton and Certificate issued to me during the London Olympic and Paralympic Games, where i was involved in Manchester in a number of roles,  From helping run the crew room as a steward during the Olympic Football Competition to helping the Aussie Olympic Team in their Training.  During the Paralympics – I was at Manchester University helping organise the team assisting the Brazil Paralympic Squad – Namely the Sitting Volleyball Team and the Wheelchair Basketball Team.


The staff were really glad to have me on board – I’d had prior knowledge of both sports during my volunteering at the IPC Paralympic world cup, an official Paralympic competition held in the run up to London hosting the Paralympic Games – I helped set up the courts at the training venue and briefed the squads on their duties

For my efforts i recieved a certificate and a baton – and thanks from both sets of athletes.

Badminton Racquet Sport

Badminton (Revised)

Shuttlecock - Used in Badminton Games, Drawn from stock art by inky
Shuttlecock , used in badminton games – created from stock by inky.

Shuttlecock ascending

at the start of mornings play

the new day of contests

is underway

Flitting ‘tween posts

from Morning and Night

shuttle passes at speed

like a bird in flight

Backwards and Forwards

Forwards and Back

Player defends his green

as opponent attacks

High in the air,

up the shuttle goes.

between the two foes,

away it goes

Till the momentum falls,

and the shuttle descends

to the floor of green

and the umpire (between)

calls it IN or OUT

(guided by line judges

gathered about)

And the trophy it shines

as it sits behind the lines

and players play for the prize

Quite Grand in Size.

Food Poetry

Temptation (Revised)

One of the cakes in BASICs Café - Food for thought One of the cakes in BASICs Café – Food for thought

In response to the daily post prompt


It just sits there on the table –

with a note on the side

“DO NOT TOUCH!” (Says the label)

Leant against cake and table

Cake made by the three

Made specially for Tea

You wander into a very sweet dream,

Thinking what its like with custard or cream

It’s looking real scrumptious

Just sat on its own –

You sneak into the kitchen

but your covers been blown!

No one will know –

You convince yourself

But then Dad Comes in th’ kitchen

and puts cake on a high shelf!

Food Fruit Poetry Strawberries


Featured image

Strawberries Red, sit in their patch of Green,
trying to hide in the spaces between.
But it is well known, that they will be found,
by the army of pickers in the fields on the ground

With leaves of Green, and fruit deep Red,
They sit there in their warm flowery bed.
Soon heading for jam in the village cream tea
with cream from the cow in th’next field named Daisy

Choosing these fellows  you have to be quick!
Small Strawberries often avoid the pick
Only attracting the butterfly’s eye
as larger strawberries get picked going by.

Some are sent out
to where tennis is played,
and alongside the champers’ the berries are laid.
Out in Green punnets, and eaten by those,
Watching the championship highs and their lows

Or they’re sent off by tractors,
to the farmers shed.
Where the workers make ice-cream,
these berries are led.

“Come find us!”, they laughed,
they were teasing..
but now they reside
in a place that is freezing!

Poetry Seasons



As the clocks went back in the UK today, A tale of the end of Summer and Beginning of Autumn

The summer has left us
along with the tide.
The wind changes course
as Autumn arrives
Nights they seem darker,
as Winter draws near.
The moon, it shines brighter
as midnight skies clear.
The Trees’ leaves change colour
while time changes course
as mother nature paints leaves
red ,orange, brown, at source.
As greens make their way, and winter awaits
Forest animals prepare to hibernate.
Autumn is upon us, time has moved on
Winter awaits, Summer has gone.
Life Memories


In order to write this blog, I’ve been trawling through the Archive of stuff that people collect over the years.  Now, depending on your interests this could include comics or CDs , other publications or even photographs….

Ahhh….Photographs.  I can’t say I’ve got true hard copies of these anymore….Since the dawn of Digital Photography and Adobe Photoshop, Most of these are stored away on CD-ROM….occasionally coming out of their time capsules to appear as a Digital Wallpaper for my Windows based laptop.

Thing is….the Hard copies still remain…

My Camping trips out with the 90th Salford scout troop, where I conquered my fears – on a number of occasions, Climbing rope bridges at ridiculous heights, or Night hikes over rugged moorland.

Working on Sporting events around Greater Manchester – not at least at Heaton Park – where I helped out as a member of the Technology Support Crew for Manchester’s Commonwealth Games

My Graduation Pics from Manchester Metropolitan University – The Official Graduation Pic still hangs on the wall someplace, but I still have the large 35mm photos from the day itself

And last but not least – My latest exploits for London 2012 – where I helped out with the Ambassadors at Old Trafford….

Each of these had their own little document to say “I’d Done it” from my Scouter’s Warrant from the Scout Association to The Commemorative Baton from Londons Olympic Committee, but its the photographs i’ll cherish most – in particular the group shots of friends and fellow volunteers….some of them sadly no longer with us any more

Not bad for someone who was told he’d never walk anymore…

Clouds Food Nature Poetry Sweets Weather


A response to the prompt

I saw you floating,
towards your goal in
the sky of blue

Fluffy white marshmallow
up in the sky above
where are you going?

creamy topped wisps
of milky coloured cloud
wait for the wind
nimble little things
to form giants
of summer skies

and the cricketers await
your assistance
controlling the corona
of the nearby sun

Whilst others wait

for you to simply

melt away

Camping Character Description Memories Outdoor Pursuits Outdoors Prose Tale writing

A Tale of Old Boots

In a part of the corridor, just by the stairs by the front door, lies a pair of Old Black Boots. It’s been quite a while since they have been walking. Their leather is worn from the passing of time and many a moorland excursion. Lakeland water now pools at the toes.But they still feel right. As if once put on, they could take their owner from their Salford home out to the hills of Perpignan and back again, covering miles along the way and without a mutter or moan.

Now, Rugby boots and training shoes might be fine for a sportsman at Old Trafford but they don’t cut it on the fields of the West Yorkshire Moors. If these boots could talk, the tales they would tell – of covering rocky paths once stepped by Roman Legionaries, of campfire ditties sung round old ancient stones, and of moonlight illuminating mugs of steaming hot Beef Tea.

They’d sit outside tents so the groundsheet stayed clean, observing the melodic snoring around them.  And leave their owner a morning surprise if they hadn’t been left under the flysheet. They would walk for miles as their owner crossed field and moor, praying that they would avoid the hidden cowpats. Of course they’d get cleaned on one day, just before parade, as the group amassed around a solitary flagpole.

And when they got home, they created a bit of a fuss. Left outside on the evening news on a step by the Garden lawn.  Local politicians now have the boots treadmarks of mud and clay imprinted on them.  But then again, wi’ these boots – they’ve no interest in politics – unless it’s rights to roam.  The bucket and wire brush look threatening, next to the bin.  But these boots know – you can scrub em till the cows come home – this mud sticks!

Where they’ll go next, is anyone’s guess. But for now – having had a ‘tidyup’ – they just sit on the varnished wooden shelf, looking quite a sight with dark brown Yorkshire mud entrapped in the soles. They look at themselves in the tall hallway mirror and think of the streams they’ve crossed and the moors they’ve run, the bracken broken for kindling and stiles climbed in fun.

Mountain Meadow

Good Companion