Capturing Time (v2)

The scholars say that oil paintings are like windows windows to the soul So when the light dawned something steely simply happened on a happy monday From the first moment as shutter opened and closed World and time just stopped Moments Freeze on glass On The first frame of cold film the first bit ofContinue reading “Capturing Time (v2)”

Out with my Camera

Wednesday morning means i’ve been at BASIC in Salford, learning new stuff around my camera. We’ve worked with items you would find on the shore, including some coloured sand , some pebbles and stones and a great big piece of rock.  Its produced some lovely shots, as i practiced the close up of the stonesContinue reading “Out with my Camera”

Another boot in a window

A tale of an Old Army Boot – On display in the timeline at Imperial War Museum North in Trafford, Manchester.   Another boot in a window ? The cobbler must be proud! As it’s placed in a window wi uniforms Oh, how it sings out loud.   But, dear boot is looking quite shabby,Continue reading “Another boot in a window”

The terrace at No 3

A descriptive piece on a building in Lark Hill Place, at Salford’s Museum and Art Gallery. Old building by Cobbles with Oak table and chairs, Copper Kettle boils on stove near to the stairs. Fruit from the grocers, is cut up and cored ready for the pie crust in the oven its stored. Washboard andContinue reading “The terrace at No 3”